Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Painting, Argentina style

Hey family!!

Just some random pics...
This week was super awesome!  We reached, and exceeded nearly all of the goals we had set. A very successful week!

Sorry for not writing yesterday, it was feriado, which means no one works; well, except the missionaries ;)  Haha.  So president naturally wanted us to take advantage of the no-work day to find some people at home.

Unfortunately, I’m sick again :P I don’t know why. I hate being sick, and I will do everything possible to not stay in. I hate staying in.

Obviously, this week was pretty busy. But we still found some time to give a little bit of service. We ended up painting two houses in the branch (um, ...luckily for us the people here don’t have the same "standards" for perfection when it comes to painting, so we were just able to slap it in without too much care. So that was nice.)

On Saturday we taught 6 lessons, which is really pretty good for one day; we usually only get 2 or 3.  And, totally awesome, all 6 of them were with members, now that is just epic! :D

We also had pretty good success in church last week. Last week was district conference; so a lot of people attended ...including 3 investigatores :D and 3 menos activos! :D  To plan for this success, we went on splits Saturday morning to invite them to church. I went with the Pres de Rama to visit the menos activos, and Elder Conway went with the Young Men's Pres to visit the investigators. It worked out great ...every single person we visited ended up coming to church. :) Shows the power of members I'd say. I just hope they realize that. We visit these people constantly, but they never come.  But as soon as they get a visit from a member, they're at church:D Hopefully, this will motivate the ward to start doing more of this. ;)

Also, Elder Conway taught me a very valuable lesson about faith on Sunday. We have an investigator named Julian who we taught nearly 2 weeks ago. He is super intelligent and polite and wants to learn.  Saturday night I was thinking about calling him to invite him to church (something we'd done the week before as well), but I just didn't have faith that he would come since he didn't last week. So I didn't call him and just went to bed.

Well the next morning Elder Conway got up, called him, and Julian said he would come. And he did.

Wow, I was pleasantly shocked to see him show up, and a bit humbled as well. I learned a lot in that moment. I need to have more faith in the work, and more hope in the people. I am so grateful that my comp had the faith to make the call because if he hadn't Julian would obviously not have been at church; and that would have been my fault :(

I really do love my mission. I'm actually kinda' sad to think that I only have 9 months left.

The greatest happiness is found in service to others, and what greater service (and privilege) is there then bringing them the joy of the gospel?! I love being a missionary.

I know without a doubt, that this work is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a humble man called of God to restore His church. Although initially weak, he became strong through the many teachings, trials, diligence, and his faith in the Lord. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and points us to Christ.

Christ did come, did save us, and will return. He reigns over this church and nothing will stop His work from progressing.


Love you all!

Elder Clemons

P.S. Please write...