Monday, September 8, 2014

Progressing in the Gospel...

Hola Familia!!

This week wasn't super eventful, but we saw a lot of progression with our recent converts. :)

First off, Leonardo passed the sacrament in church!!! Oh I was so happy! It was like seeing his bautismo again. He was dressed up in his white shirt and tie, and did everything perfectly. He was so happy that he did it. And I was super happy for him.

And Luis, my old man Luis paid his tithing yesterday!! He doesn't really have a job, but almost as a hobby - sells tires.  So with the money he made from that, he paid his tithing! Ya! :D

That is why I am here. It's small moments like these that really help you realize why you're on a mission help bring people to Christ. It's one thing to watch baptisms, but to view genuine progression post conversion is another. Activity in the church blesses lives.  I love seeing what the Gospel does in the lives of others. I love my mission! 

Also this week we had family night with the Micheli and Agonils at the Micheli's home. And the father was there also! :D  It was perfect!  We opened up with a hymn and prayer, and then after shared the message of the restoration. The father had some questions for us such as, "what motivates you to go out and work?" and "how did you come to know that this was true?" We both shared stories and experiences we had had, and the room filled with the spirit.  Everyone felt the power of the message and testimonies. We then invited him to church.........but he said no. :P

...wait for it

...because he had a cold. :P  But he said that he would go to church next week! So we will see if he keeps rule number 2 of President Juchau's Rules of Manhood: keep all commitments. So pray that he does. :)

Well this week I got sick, remember how last week I got a cold?  It just got super worse throughout the week. On Tues it was bad, but I ignored it and went out and worked, which was a super bad idea because made everything worse. On Wed I ended up having to stay in.  We didn't leave the apartment, and I didn't even leave my bed. I felt SO sick ...didn't eat anything that day. On Thursday, I felt like I did back on Tues, so I went out and tried to work.  It was pretty hard, but by the time Friday came around, I felt decent once again. Hey, and I lost a good 6 pounds this week. Sweet!!

Oh hahahah this is a funny story. Every Friday night we have activities in the church hosted by the missionaries. And this week we had planned to play volleyball with water balloons and towels. But our branch mission leader didn't really want to run it. We told him we'd take care of it. Anyways, we set everything up and he announced that instead of playing volleyball with water balloons, we would watch The Testaments, which is like over 1 hr long.  Errrr what?

So all the missionaries got together like a little huddle during the movie and discussed our options. We all had investigatores and inactives at the activity, and we didn't want to bore them with the movie. So we had to figure out a way to turn the movie off so we could go outside and play. So long story short, turns out that if you turn on a lot of the appliances in the Church all at the same time, the power cuts. And that's what we did. A few of us went out of the room and turned everything on so the power would cut. Hahaha... after that everyone went outside, and we played water balloon volleyball.  Everybody loved it ...including the branch Mission Leader. So our plan worked out great, and everyone went home happy. ;)

Today for P-day we got to go play some basketball. We still can't play an actual game, but we can play Pig and shoot hoops for a while. So all the missionaries in the apartment got together to play some b-ball. Pretty fun.

Well that is about all this week! I love you all so much and I hope everything is cool up there!

Love Elder Clemons!