Monday, February 24, 2014

Rocio was baptized Saturday, February 22!

Vilma, Jenny (a cousin), and Rocio
Super slow week again, but it doesn't matter ...because we had a baptism!!!

Rocio was baptized Saturday, February 22! :D It was a very spiritual experience as always. :) And the Lord chose to give us a tender mercy as well. There was a terrible storm both in the morning and midday on Saturday. Just raging weather. Everyone was asking us if we were still going to have it. And obviously (with some serious prayers) we said that we were. And the Lord blessed us ...just about an hour before the baptism everything finally calmed down. And we had a beautiful baptism without any problems. :) Tender Mercy!

We don't have a font in the chapel where we attend, so we have to take a taxi to a neighboring ward. We went to Rocio´s house and from there called up a taxi; but it took over 50 minutes to arrive ...which made us start the baptismal service at least 30 minutes later than planned. :p (I hate being late!)

I had the privilege of being a witness for Rocio´s baptism. She has always been extremely quiet and shy during our several discussions, and she was really nervous to be baptized in front of everyone. But I got the impression she felt a sense of peace and tranquility as she descended into the water. And she came up out of the water just thrilled. She had a beautiful smile, and her face was just radiating. Truly a wonderful, cleansing, bright experience.

After the ordinance we had a little luncheon. Lots of pop, empenandas, y torta. Everyone was happy and talking. Rocio was taking pictures and videos of everyone. It was nice to see her enjoying it so much. It always warms your heart to know that your labors might have brought joy to someone else. :)

So a few random things:

I know why I am fat. Everything they make here is covered in oil. I have never eaten so little in my entire life, but everything I eat is completely covered in oil. Even the salad they make is drowning in oil! :p ewww! So my guess is that's why.

Also (for those of you who know the reference) we've once again resorted to "using plastic bags." Can I just say that I really don't like our apartment!!  But there are literally no other apartments in Fontana, and we've been trying for quite some time to find one.

On a positive note, I have gotten pretty good at making pizza though.
And from the vantage point of a glass half full, I'd have to say I love my mission a lot. Every day there are setbacks, we have ups and downs.  At times we're rejected; other times, accepted. Sometimes people show us considerable kindness; sometimes considerable disrespect. But it is nevertheless a tremendous blessing to be permitted to serve the Lord as a missionary in Resistencia, Argentina.
I know the church is true. Talking with thousands of people has only strengthened my own faith. I testify that this is the true church of Christ. That we are very literally God's children. That we are loved beyond comprehension. And that God is walking by our side waiting for us to seek His help. Christ suffered, trembled, and bled for us out of pure love. Joseph Smith was His prophet in this dispensation and sealed his testimony with his blood. I know it all to be true.

Elder Clemons