Sunday, September 14, 2014


We can't play a real game, but playing PIG is still fun :-)
Howdy Familia!

So we actually had a surprise right after P-day last week. Literally 10 minutes before P-day ended Elder Ware y Elder Diaz received a phone call from the Zone Leaders saying that Diaz was going to be emergency transferred to a new area in Corrientes and that Elder Ware would receive a new companion the following day. 

So Diaz left, and a new Elder named Elder Morillo came. Elder Morillo is way cool. He's from Ecuador, but appears gringo like us. He understands English perfectly, he's super fun to be around, and he's a hard worker. So he is a great addition to the Reconquista!

P-day today was really fun. After cleaning the entire apartment again (yes, Elders do clean their apartments sometimes)  went to go play some basketball. Lots of fun!


Elder Ware clearly doesn't know how to cut hair !!!!!
Oh haha funny story. We borrowed some hair clippers from another Elder, and I asked Elder Ware to just take a little off the sides because they were looking pretty long (long for missionaries anyway). I told him a 3 would be about right. "Easy enough" he says.

After his first cut, he just stared at my hair in complete silence for like a minute ...then started apologizing profusely.

Uh oh ...somehow he'd set it to a 1!!! :P He had literally made one bald strip :P It looked hilarious, but clearly also not very missionary like.  So we took some time to kinda' fix it

...and now a week later, it's starting to look allright. So oh well, it’s in the past.  Haha, I have always had the worst luck with haircuts.

A bit of fix up, and a week later, things are starting to look a bit better :D

Yesterday as probably the most spiritually draining day of my mission. Such a huge let down when we realized we had no one come to church yesterday. No investigators and no members! It rained yesterday and no one came to church. And only 8 members showed up!! Kinda' funny and sad, but there were more missionaries in Sacrament meeting than members.  So we ended up doing just about everything: the prayers, the sacrament, directing, hymns, classes. Oh it was so bad. :P   Come on, people, it's just a little bit of rain!! It doesn't mean the end of the world; yes can leave your house.

I went on exchanges this week with my district leader. I learned a lot from him. He taught me a lot about how to ask inspired questions, and how to use them in lessons. So I have been working on that a bit this week.

So just so you know everything is going well down here. We do have a couple people that I feel can progress. I'll let you know more about them next week.  But do please pray for them.

I love what I do and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Love you all so much!!

Elder Clemons

...oh, and make everyone write me. :)

We have started a tradition in the apartment to buy a Grido's ice cream cake every Saturday night. Oh it is so good!! Yummy!

Super Yum!!