Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"It's a Competition" :-)

Regarding my Visa, sorry but it hasn't come; nor has it come for any of the other districts that have recently left. It's a bummer, but I already know I'll be reassigned. Apparently the Church submits Visas based on a missionary's MTC entrance date.  They try to keep things organized that way.  So even though I got my call way back in February -- and Mom submitted my visa paperwork 1 month early -- it just sat there until all the other visas also arrived. So that's kinda' a bummer. Oh well.  The actual document saying my visa isn't here yet should come this Friday; then my reassignment will likely come the following week.  So I won't be able to tell you the new mission until then :)  I'm kinda' hoping New Mexico with Jarom ;)

So as of July 25th, there are 73,522 missionaries world wide!  Dear Goodness!  That's a lot!!  Kinda' cool, huh!

We had a new batch of missionaries come in last week (and new, new ones later today) ...they are all huge -- like really huge! -- like their arms are bigger than my head. So now I suddenly feel small...

Before the other districts left for their missions last week (they went to Spokane Washington, Portland, Detroit, Orlando, and New Hampshire), we decided to do a cereal challenge. At the CCM, they have these huge tubs of cereal that last for weeks. Our goal: to empty one during lunch :) So like 40 of us ate like 3 bowls each -- hahaha!  We got sooooo close!  But the MTC "President of Dinner" came and got all ticked at us. He said, "It's a competition that will incite the other Zones, you can't eat cereal."  It was so dumb. We just wanted some cereal. But in the end, this created a new joke for us: "It's a competition".  For literally everything now, we say, "we can't because it will incite a competition." Wanna' go to dinner together? ..."We can't, it could incite a competition." When a teacher asks a question, no one answers ...while someone politely says, "We can't participate because if we answer, it might incite the other missionaries, and we can't have a competition." bahahaha  Muy comico. It's all in good fun.

Bahahahahah! Ok, this next one's kinda' gross for Grandma, but hilarious for everyone else...I think Leslie and a few others will like it.  So one of our teachers was doing a demonstration on the 2nd lesson. The spirit was so strong, and we were all glued and taking notes. Then randomly, pffffftt! or whatever sound you make when passing gas. Bahahahahaha! It came from this one of the Elders. His face just went white. Everyone held back the laughs. But you could hear everyone had stopped breathing. I was holding it back fairly well (with tears in my eyes) because I figure it's immature to laugh at something like that. But then I look over at the Hermanas, and then they just died in laughter. Like really, crying laughter. Bahahaha  Then everyone else lost it, and then we just laughed for like 10 minutes. Bahahah, I find it ironic that the girls, who are supposed to be older and more mature, are the ones that laughed first. Bahahaha. Good times.

So the protestors are still at the temple on Sundays. There's more of them now than last time. One of them brought a guitar, so that was nice. All their signs are written on the back of old Obama posters; so at least we know they recycle. Hah! :)  They always yell, "If you're having trouble with your companion, pray to Jesus!"  hahaha It's funny. :)  I wonder what they're thinking?  I know the church is true, so it's obviously not going to work.  But they've been doing this for decades at the Provo temple.

So it looks like I'm a professional lock picker...or what ever you call them. All the keys to our residences are fairly similar.  I found that -- with considerable skill and finesse -- I was able to "hit" all the pins to open just about every door.  Bahaha, so I can get in most rooms. Obviously I don't do anything, but it's just fun to know I'm able. 

My Spanish is coming along great.  I've memorized the entire 1st vision, a couple of scriptures, and some key phrases. I essentially know most of the Biblical Spanish that I'll need. I also know all the vocabulary for lessons 1 and 2. And I've taught myself the subjunctive tense (not in the MTC curriculum), so I'm trying to use it constantly now.

Spiritual stuff:
Last Sunday John Lant spoke. He said, "You're not 'going on a mission,' you're 'becoming a missionary.'" Wow, that's exactly right! My service doesn't end after 2 years, nor 5, nor 56. In fact, it never ends. Service to God is an eternal process, and a happy one. To become an excellent missionary, I must be obedient in all things. If I'm only 99% obedient, that may leave a small "chink in my armor" for Satan to attack and wear me down. Obviously, we have commandments for protection. That's why I need to heed them.  As I do, hopefully my armor will be unbreakable.

I've also learned a whole lot about the Spirit and specifically when I feel it. Elder Bednar said that "it is often a part of your thoughts." I really took this to heart and committed to myself to try and act on every thought I had. I also learned that the Spirit manifests itself while I'm moving ...while I'm doing the work. It's an act of faith, I pray, then I go and act and see where that takes me. So with these in mind, I prayed and began studying for those investigators I will encounter on my mission. I really understand the importance of likening lessons to their needs, so I do all of my studying for them. And while I was studying last week, I had the thought to study about families for Manuel (one of our investigators at the MTC).  I studied a lot of scriptures about family and read "The Family: A Proclamation to the World", and even got my hands on a Spanish version! So that next lesson came, and I asked Manuel about his family. "They're good." I asked again and again (in different ways), and found out he has a bad relationship with them; but he really loves them. It's good to be prepared :)  I was able to apply the Plan of Salvation to his needs, and my companion and I testified of families. We read a few scriptures about families and prayed together. Then we went over the Proclamation. Woot! It felt so good!! We committed him to read the BoM, pray, and come to church (he said he'll also bring his family). It's soooo cool! I know that Manuel is just my teacher's "character", but it still brings me so much joy to teach and testify and see people come closer to Christ. I can just feel the happiness! :D It feels so good!

I came across this quote from Winston Churchill:

To every man there comes … that special moment when he is figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a special thing unique to him and fitted to his talent. What a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared or unqualified for the work which would be his finest hour.

I am glad I was prepared for this particular moment, and hope I will be prepared for the many more to come.

Ok, so during last Tuesday's devotional, we watched a video of Elder Holland which really touched me. He said, "Missionary work is hard because the price of salvation is not cheap." Christ paid the demands of Justice and atoned for ALL of our sins and felt each of our pains. We (I) are forever indebted to Him; the SMALL efforts we make to be missionaries are relatively nothing compared to His suffering. That's why I love Romans 18:16-17:

The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:
And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.

It not only testifies that we are children of God, but also that we are to become heirs.  If we suffer with Christ, and endure a small degree of what He did, that's what being a disciple (and in my case, missionary) is. "When I'm being yelled at, scorned, rejected, or spit on, I am literally taking the place of the Savior. I am experiencing a SMALL portion of what Christ experienced. Salvation is found in suffering WITH Christ!

If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

To take up your cross means to endure whatever the Lord has in store for you, for Christ's sake. To be willing to suffer as He did. I am willing to take up my cross ...whatever He has in store for me. I will endure every hardship to serve my Lord; it is my duty and privilege. :)  I love His church and gospel; no truer happiness can be found.

With Love !!

Elder Travis Clemons

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Letter #3 - Doing Great!

Hey Everyone!

So this week has been busy! And lots of things have happened! I'll start with some of the fun random things.

So every Sunday there are these protesters that stand outside the Provo Temple. They're quite hilarious, they claim we're not Christian because our temple doesn't have a cross on it. Frankly, I wonder why people remember Christ for his death. It was a very noble thing Christ did, but I would rather remember Christ for his resurrection. Just a thought.

So in class during a random spurt of energy we played 500 with M&M's. It was hilarious! 12 people would all stand up and try to catch M&M's with their mouths! bahahah  It was so funny! Everyone was laughing and having a good time.

So Hermana Dudly apparently had a promise ring given to her while she was at BYUI.  bahahah  So we call that boy Frodo. bahahaha! She sent the ring back to him right when she got it! But It's still hilarious! hahah Frodo again carries the ring!

So every time we receive packages, we yell CUBOS!! or buckets in English! I don't know why, but it's really quite fun. We all do it in this low, but loud, voice. bahaha Random.

My zone has really gotten into playing 4-square. It gets soooo intense, who would'a thought. It's seriously do or die. Everyone yells and screams and jumps and other stuff. Every time you get out, you have to do 15 push-ups I end up doing like 90 by the time gym is over. :p bahahaha

Also, the song "The Lord is My Light" in Spanish is "La Luz es Verdad", and that's the only line we know. So we constantly sing the whole song using that one line! It's hilarious!  Just last night one of the Elders in the Zone was called to go to the front desk, so we all thought it was his Visa. So we all ran out of our rooms and started singing that one line over and over again! It was so funny! And btw, it wasn't his Visa, just donuts that the front desk didn't want to go bad.

So nobody has gotten their Visas yet. But we all are obsessed with it. Every time we do push-ups we have to say "VISSSSSSAAAA!" Visa Visa Visa! with everyone haha. It motivates us to become lean and buff!

I saw Brady Garvin!! Long lost friend! I see him everywhere now! It's so nice to know that a childhood friend has stayed rooted in the gospel. :) He's so cool! I got a picture of him, but alas...I can't send them right now.

My Companion and I also got to LEAVE the campus this week. He had to get an ultrasound. It was good to see places outside the MTC!! At the MTC, everyone is a missionary ...we're all the same. But outside, we're different. Everyone was so happy to see the missionaries! Everyone would say hi and wave to us! :) All the little kids would scream "Missionaries!!" awww :)  I felt so proud to be a missionary and a role model for the younger kids. :)

Ok, now for some spiritual stuff.

My Companion and I have gotten extremely good at teaching the first lessons. Since both of our teachers went on vacation, we've had different subs each day. So we teach the first lesson twice a day to different people. We've gotten really good at that. We teach really well together. We just flow with each other, idk how, but it works great.

But one of our subs, Hermano Bond (sweet name I know) gave us a demonstration on how to teach the first lesson. It was incredible. Especially the end. He explained that prayer is how we can feel God's love through the spirit. We read Galatians 5: 22-23, and then he explained to the "investigator" how to pray. After the "investigator" gave a short but powerful prayer, we all sat in silence, for nearly 3 minutes! Doesn't sound that long but it is in silence! The spirit was so strong! It definitely testified to each of us that we are here for the Lord's work. and that He loves us personally. It was a wall of love. :) Incredible. Indescribable. I can't wait to bring this feeling to others. :)

My companion has been ill lately. He can still go to class and stuff, he just has a massive headache ...and we both suspect it's because of the stress he's under. Last Thursday ....he asked me for a blessing. I was really humbled at that moment. As I spoke the words of the blessing, I can absolutely testify that the spirit was there. I could literally feel the power of God surging through my arms and hands. Priesthood power is incredible. I can't remember it all. But God blessed him with His love and said that He was proud of his decision to serve and that his family would be blessed because of it. He was blessed that through obedience, performing missionary work would become easier for him, but not that it would go away. I thought that part was interesting. This experience was incredible. It was the first blessing I've ever given. The spirit was so strong. I feel privileged to have been asked to give the blessing. I'm so happy that I was worthy enough to bear the POWER of the priesthood and to be the conduit for this blessing.  Such... an... amazing... experience.

Ok, so on Sunday, I was able to watch a talk by Elder Bednar. It was like watching an hour of revelation. Such a powerful talk. From what I understand, the video's only shown at the MTC. It was called Character of Christ.  And everything I'm about to say is paraphrasing what Elder Bednar said (so I'm not plagiarizing). He said the Character of Christ was solely turned out-ward. He never thought of himself, but was always thinking of others. Elder Bednar gave many evidences of this. After Christ had fasted 40 days and 40 nights, and suffered the temptations of Satan, rather than think of himself, he sent angels to John who was in prison! This was the real temptation, would Christ seek to strengthen Himself, or turn out and help others. Likewise at the Last Supper, knowing that He (Christ), would soon die, yet He prayed for the Comforter to be upon His apostles. Not on Himself, but others. He always turned his attention outward. At Gethsemane, after suffering for the sins of all mankind, having 3 of His apostles fall asleep on Him, and being betrayed by Judas, He still healed the Roman Centurion's ear. Goodness! Jesus endured everything, and was let down by those He trusted.  He didn't turn inward and have pity on Himself, but turned out and healed the soldier. On the cross, slowing dying, He pleaded for God to forgive these same soldiers; He blessed his mother; and still performed missionary work with the thieves next to Him. Although He was dying ...He still turned his attention outward. Amazing. Godly. This is Christ's character: turning outward.

Elder Bednar counseled that we should apply this to ourselves. My mission, isn't about me. Who cares what I want. I must turn out from my testimony, and turn to conversion. I need to be a catalyst for conversion, not just own my own testimony. But what is conversion? It's to turn away from the natural man. It means to repent and return to Christ. This is what repentance means: return to Christ. And repentance is only possible through the single greatest act of love, Christ's atonement!

Clearly, this journey to develop the Character of Christ will take time, perhaps a lifetime. But just like Mosiah 3:19, I can put off the natural man and become a Saint through the atonement. It is only through Him and His grace that I can become like Him. When I don't think I can do it ...I'm right.  But through the Lord, I can, for He is everything. Just as the apostle Paul wrote, "When I am weak, then I am strong."

But again, this isn't about me and my conversion; it's about others, and turning outward. I want to lose myself in the work. And as I lose myself, I'll find myself ...but I won't be looking for me.

This talk was incredible. So inspirational. I realize how selfish I've been, thinking of myself. But true glory and nobility is found in turning outward. Christ died for us so that we can become like Him. And He always turned outward. So likewise I must turn myself outward, lose myself, and find others.

Inspiration quote: "There's nothing 2 people can't do if 1 of them is the Lord."

Also, Bishop gave me a talk on the Character of Christ.  I'm curious about that now, so can you talk with him and send that to me so I can annotate it?

Goodbye and may you forget yourself and turn outward.  :-)

I love and miss you so much! Thank you EVERYONE for all the letters & packages!  They mean a lot! I'm sending a general thank you! :-)


Elder Travis Clemons

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Letter Home #2 - I'm learning a lot !

Hello Family!!

Love and miss you all! This has been such a great week! I'm loving it here, and I'm learning so much!

So just some quick updates, I have been getting your packages, and I love them! It's sooooo nice to get anything. Thank you so much for sending my other set of scriptures, I love being able to look back and see what my past studies and notes were. So far, I've re-read and marked 160 pages of scripture from my English ones to my Spanish ones.  Any form of letter or contact is incredible. My district checks the mail every day after lunch and dinner, its seriously gold. So if you're reading this now ...send me a letter/dearelder/anything right NOW!  It seriously is sooo nice to have something! I never thought I would crave contact with the outside world so much. It's so incredible to hear from people.

My Spanish is coming along well. I know most of the church-like vocabulary now, so the lessons go pretty well. I usually just Spanglish parts of sentences if I don't know it all in Spanish. I'm nowhere near fluent, but our class is improving greatly.

There is no news on my visa. Every two weeks, a new set of missionaries comes into our district.  Also, the oldest district just left us this Tuesday ...and none of them got their visas. They all went state-side to Pocatello Idaho (bahahahaha), Atlanta Georgia, or Virginia. However, I got my call before any of them, and got my visa paper work in before all of them (thank you, mommy!). We didn't receive any new missionaries though. Our whole residence floor is like empty except for 4 other districts. It's quite weird. Oh, but we also had 3 other Elders join our district, making our total 13! The room is not big enough for us ...but we squish in anyway. I kinda' just crawl and weave around people until I find my 1 by 1 corner seat and slip in.

I've been playing a lot of basketball this week, its super fun ...and I've also played 4 square. Bah! that's actually a super fun game. It gets really competitive. Me and my district created a "recreation league", and so it gets super intense. Oh, bahahahahaha, I met Lori's old boyfriend this week! hahah He was the gym instructor at Gym Time one day! hahah He called on me to say the prayer......meh, I blame Lori.

Random inside joke with my district:  Donde está la pavón? ....En la Bolsa. Bbahaha. Apparently, pavóniarse means "to swagger" so we shortened it to be swag. And apparently swag originated from homeless guys's bags that they carried on their sticks as they wondered. Eh, who knew.  Hahaha, it's just fun.

Nothing super fun except spiritual stuff happened this week, Which I love and know it's best. But essentially, my whole letter will be about a FEW experiences I've had. There is literally no way to write everything. I can write about 10 pages on just one day.

Do you remember how my district was teaching a progressing investigator named Aldo? Ya, me and my companion were the only ones in our class to commit him to baptism and set a date. BAM!! Mwehahaha. Anyways, now "Aldo" is our teacher!! Our teachers, Hermano Porter and Hermano Miller (Aldo) act as our investigators, and we teach them. They both are incredible teachers, and I love them so much. They love this church. However, they both are on vacation right now. Hermano Porter went to Canada....I know right.....and Hermano Miller wouldn't tell us because he said the world doesn't exist outside of the CCM (MTC). Hahaha, what a joker.

So p-days are like Christmas. It's just sooo relaxing. The temple is closed right now, so instead of "going" there for 4 hours....we sit.....and, you know....sit. But it's a nice change. I usually just study/write because there is nothing to do except sit.... Well I guess I eat some food too. P-days are just a nice break from 12 hour study days.

I learned a lot about teaching today. We were taught this outline for teaching: Saber (know), Sentir (Feel), y Hacer (Do) ...what do our investigators have to know, feel, and do. I also learned that we must plan a lesson around a commitment. Before, we were just rehearsing a lesson and throwing in a commitment at the end. But now, since we know the compromiso (commitment) we want our investigators to make, we plan accordingly. It is so much more powerful and efficient.

Hermano Miller also mentioned something in class that I thought was quite noble and profound. He said that the name of Christ should be inscribed on our hearts. My name tag should only be an outside inscription of an inside commitment. I don't need a name tag to show my dedication to him, for he will be forever inscribed in my character and heart.

So I absolutely love STUDYING the scriptures. And studying them in Spanish really forces me to read, understand, and internalize them. In English, I usually just read and understand the obvious concepts. But it Spanish, I actually internalize the principals, and I uncover many many many many different ones. You really should see my scriptures, I've marked so many and written so many notes in them. They come so in handy during lessons because I have little reminders about what this scripture can mean and etc.

I read many chapters this week. But my favorites were 2 Nephi 4, Enos 1, and D&C 3. Gah! Sooo good! Nephi is talking about his faults and all the guilt he feels, and how (in comparison to God) we, man, are nothing.  But then he essentially bursts with joy -- not happiness, but Joy -- because of our Savior. Through God we can repent of our sins and forsake the awful Chains of Hell. Through Christ, the conqueror of Death, we can overcome our sins and rejoice in the Goodness that is our God.

We all know the story of Enos. But this week I felt the story. I really dug into what he meant by faith. He mentioned faith constantly. He prayed all day, constantly having faith that God would answer. And his simple desire was to have a record kept. God promised Enos that as men have faith, and pray and ask with faith, that He WILL answer them. God desires to help us, but we must first show our desire to Him and ask in faith. Enos was a great example of showing action before he expected a prayer. What a man.

I also love D&C 3. This is where the Lord is chastising Joseph Smith for (hopefully I'll translate this right) "trusting in your own judgment and boasting in your own wisdom" (verse 13...?). That gives me great hope. Our prophet, Joseph Smith, was imperfect; even he made mistakes. But he also was one of the holiest men on the earth. So I must not be weighed down by my mistakes, faults, and sins; but realize that it's human. I must do simply as Nephi instructs and forsake them. Even the prophet had to repent. However, that should really make us think about ourselves. If Joseph Smith had to repent, how much greater do we need to. Perfection is only found after trial. Just as a diamond comes out of coal.

And the devotional last night was incredible ...the son of Gordon B. Hinckley (Richard G. Hinckley) spoke. He talked about the power of our calling. It was so amazing. I'll sum up what he said and liken it unto myself. So here ya go: What ever I want, what ever I desire, I must "pay the price, follow the spirit, and I will have it." ...and that "it" is the Love of God. The only real suffering I can feel is that of regret. I must be BOLD, but not overbearing. I must be tough and endure hardships, but submissive enough to easily be entreated. I must stir up the gift which is inside me, which is God's spirit of power. I must leave the world behind, for "I have been chosen as a soldier for His cause." I promise to fight and serve him with everything I have, so I will never have regrets, for this is my duty. "This work is for the glory of God and no one else." I loved his talk. I especially love the scripture about being a soldier for God. It really brought to light the seriousness of this work. We are daily fighting a battle with Satan to recover our Heavenly Father's children. We aren't just fighting for life or death, but quite literally for their exaltation. I've been honored enough to be chosen as his little soldier. It's my duty and privilege to fight on the side of God.
I know this church is true, and I'm incredibly happy to serve.
Love and miss you all!

Elder Travis Clemons

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pictures in the MTC

Watching the Stadium of Fire fireworks
Elder Clemons and Elder Whitlock from the home ward
Elder Clemons and his companion Elder Atwood
The District

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Letter #1 - Love the MTC!

Hello All :)

First off, can I have a list of everyone's birthdays? Including extended family?

OK seriously, I can write a novel about just one day here at the CCM (MTC), but there is no way to jam a whole week in.

I love and miss all of you, but the CCM is great! Within 15 minutes of me arriving, I was put in class and set to work. I'm part of the Intermediate Spanish Class (one of 2 in the CCM right now....or at least I believe so). Everything is in Spanish! I love it! It's incredible. My teacher as well as my investigators are so easy to communicate with. I believe it's because I read the BoM in Spanish; that must have helped because this Spanish is really coming along well! :)

I've actually lost weight here! bahahah! It's hilarious! I've never eaten so healthy in my life! It's so easy when the fruits and veggies are all ready for us to eat. I have them every meal, along with yogurt. :) I'm also working out every day. I do cardio and then weight lift. I'm hoping to make my twigger body all MUSCULAR!!! HAHAHA

Anyways, my companion is a very faithful Elder. He lives in Spanish Fork, and none of his family is active, except for his dad, who is half-active. He has gone through struggles that I will never have to face, and that makes him stronger than me.

My district is very cool! It has 13 missionaries in it. 11 elders, and we have 2 hermana’s, Herman Dudley (going to Canada, Spanish-speaking) and Hermana Washburn (going to my mission.  Also, she is the Jazz dancer, but nowhere near as beautiful as you know who ; ) and don't worry, I've got my mission goggles on. The Elders are me, my companion, and then a bunch of others that I'm too lazy to write. But we're all extremely close, and I love working with them. Most of the missionaries are going to Resistencia.... like 15 of us (there's another Argentina district next door) and the others are in Rosario, Posadas, Buenos Aires North, and Chile and Canada. Our whole zone is Argentina except for one Chilean and Canadian.

After one day of being here, I taught a 45min lesson only in Spanish. The "investigator" was named Aldo. The lesson went great, we got him to pray, read the BoM, and come to Church!  Haha. Super fun and seriously made me so happy! :) We have taught him 4 times now and we are going to baptize him! Haha funny story, he said that he was at BYU studying film, but he didn't know the commandments or anything. We asked him about the Honor Code, and he just paused and started laughing.  Bah! we caught a flaw in his story!

So for my CCM experience, when we got to our rooms the first night, none of my roommates had mattresses, except for me. The other older missionaries thought it would be funny to steal mattress from the noobs. but my roommates got them back later on that night.

I definitely learned the value of obedience this week. Nearly every talk was about it. :) Last night Bro. and Sis. Kendrick spoke at our Tues devotional. Sis Kendrick said something I really liked. "Obedience tells what kind of integrity someone has." And that is completely true. We are here to be missionaries. "We're here serving the Lord, not time." "Obedience brings success." As I serve the Lord, and am completely obedient to the rules. The Lord will "bless me with power and safety." "Obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings miracles!!" Obedience is the highest law of God. I know this, and I will forever obey and serve God, for Christ died for me and Christ is the Way, I will forever heed His word.

Also at the devotional Bro. Kendrick talked about personal revelation in prayer. He said "The depth of our desires [prayer] determines the revelation." And with that prayer, we need to ACT!! I must know all of the doctrines and study them diligently. If I show my faithfulness, God will bless me.

This place is so cool! I wish you could all see it! I LOVE IT HERE!!! BAHAHAHA JOY!

Also, if people would like to write me, please do it through the mail or dearelder (they print them for free here and deliver them).  It is seriously impossible to email everyone in one sitting. Don’t' be offended if I don't write you back, I’m here to serve the Lord, not time. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention about the 4th of July!  The CCM (MTC) allowed us to watch a movie and watch the fireworks from the stadium of fire! We stayed up until about 11:30!! How crazy is that! I'll probably never be allowed to do that again!! Bahaha, 2nd day and I already get to break the mission rules! It was super cool! I got some pictures, but can't send them yet.  Love and miss you, but I love it here! :D
Love Elder Clemons

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Quick note home...

Dear Mom & Dad,

I am ok! I love it here! My companion, as well as my district, are amazing and fun. My companion was the Elder we met in Brick Oven! HaHa! I'll be more detailed when I can type . . . it's so much faster. Just know that I love and miss you, but I love it here!

It would be nice to have some snack food!  Dinner is at 4, so we go on our own: I want lots of snacks!

Love and miss you!
Elder Clemons

And he is Off!!

Travis is officially in the MTC!!

We gathered as a family one last time before we dropped him off on July 3rd. We went to Brick Oven for lunch, and I think every family that came in had a missionary leaving that day too. We saw as many as 15 during the hour we were there.  The waiters and waitresses would ask where the missionary was going, and we found a missionary who was going to Travis' exact mission. We found out later that it was his companion!!

Travis said goodbye to Brent and Gwen at Brick Oven.

Then we headed on our way to drop off our missionary.
He never looked back.

Setting Apart

 Travis was set apart as a full time missionary on July 2, 2013. He received a beautiful and powerful blessing as he was set apart. We were able to share our feelings and love for him and he boar his great testimony. It was a wonderful experience.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Good bye...

Well friends, it is time for me to depart to do my duty; to serve our Lord. I would just like to leave you with my testimony. I know the Church is true, for it is Christ's Church. Jesus suffered and atoned for each individual, and through that, he knows our struggles and needs. Through Christ's atonement we can repent and return to God in glory. God is eager to bless us, he just asks simply that we follow him, and as we follow him, we will become happy. Salvation is found in Christ and comes through the Atonement. He is the ONLY way.

If you desire to email me while I'm away in Argentina (which I beg you do)

My email is:

My MTC address is:
   Elder Travis Alexander Clemons
   2007 N 900 E Unit 82
   Provo UT 84602

May we continually serve God.

Just finished the Spanish Book of Mormon

I have just finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. What an incredible experience that was. Even in Spanish, the truths are the same. I know, without a doubt, that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God. Moroni's promise is true. It does nothing but brings souls to Christ. It is another testament of our Savior.

Monday, July 1, 2013

My Farewell and Goodbyes

So I had my farewell on Sunday! I hope I did a good job! Either way I had a ton of support from many friends and family! People from all aspects of my life came to visit, school, work (nearly the whole pool), as well as ward friends came to say their goodbyes! There was plenty of food thanks to my family (Thanks Mom!!) and it was delicious! Thank you everyone for the kindness you showed me yesterday! It was greatly appreciated!