Monday, January 19, 2015


Bella Vista has this huge cross.  Awesome!!

Hey family! So this has been a really good week! Sorry for not writing yesterday, the power in all of Goya cut, so we couldn't write.

Telma gets baptised
Telma, David's cousin, was super happy on her baptism!
To start off, we had a baptism this week! Random right? Kinda' came out of no where. haha. Her name is Telma. She is the granddaughter of Walter Gomez, the ward mission leader, and the cousin of David, my first covert here in Goya. We've been teaching her since I arrived here in Goya. She was unsure about baptism for a long time, and out of the blue decided to get baptized. :) It was an incredible feeling to be present durante her baptism. It clearly felt like more of a family baptism, a ward baptism, rather than a missionary baptism. Her whole family was with her every step of the way, from beginning to end. We only provided the teaching. As you can see in the photos, her whole family came to support her, and there was just a happy family spirit during the whole thing.

This is how baptisms should be, the work of the members, with the support of the missionaries. The Spirit was just so strong, and Telma was so happy.  She even arrived 2 hours early to make sure everything was perfect haha. I loved it.  Was definitely a memorable baptisms. 

Also our interviews with Pres. Franco went well, and the sleepover with the assistants was fun. We all ordered pizza and stuffed ourselves ...because Goya has the best pizza in the mission. Wow, we ate so much. haha.
First sign I've found in town that actually says Goya!
Then we talked through the night, and of course woke up early in the morning dead tired. We started out with interviews with Pres. Franco, and then we shared with him our training plans. Afterwards, President drove us up to BellaVista in his truck!!! That was so dope! First time I've driven with President anywhere haha. Then we did our training and had some more interviews in BellaVista. I asked Presidente if I could finish my mission training, I loved training Elder Conway and would love to train again. I'm pretty sure I have one more transfer as a ZL, and then I'll get to train again hopefully! :D But we'll see what happens. 

Goya's not always the prettiest place
...but the people are great!
I hope you know that I love my mission. There really is no greater happiness than serving our fellow brothers and sisters. I love bringing them the gospel and being a small instrument in the hands of my God. I love seeing the affect the gospel can have in the lives of people individually, and as families.

I loved seeing the joy the Gomez family had when Telma got baptized.  I loved seeing the happiness grow in the Micheli's home as we taught them.

I have so many evidences of how the gospel brings true happiness to people.  It certainly has brought me a great deal of happiness in my years growing up at home, and now here on the mission.

I know it is all true, and I promise I will always work my hardest to bring people to Christ. 

I love you!

Elder Clemóns

...but sometimes Goya IS the prettiest place!!

 P.S.  I have already told the office that you are coming to pick me up ya. :)  I love you all!