Friday, April 18, 2014

Planking with Elder Sufia

Second, sorry that I forgot to inform you, but w had 3 baptisms this last week! :) 

They are the nieces y nephew of Vilma. Micaela 17, Priscila 13, and Miguel 11. They are all super cool, especially Miguel. He loves us. He wants to be an Elder and go serve a mission. He seems to know just about everything about the gospel, and remebers everything. It is so cool. Their baptisimal service was awesome and smooth and perfect. :)
Well, kinda'.  Turns out their parents missed it!  Ouch!  They showed up late! :P ...right after the actually ordinances were performed. I was really bummed, but at least they made it to the confirmations the next day. :)

Check out our sweet garbage-bag ponchos!
I Love Being a Missionary!
That makes 11 souls that God has used me as an instrument to change their lives. :) It is a very rewarding experience to go from the initial contact at the door to a baptism 3 or 4 weeks later. :) ...very humbling indeed. And very uplifting.
I've grown so much on the mission ...hmmm, at least I think so. My understanding of basic doctrines has increased. I read a quote from Elder Ballard today that said, "beliefs turn into knowledge." ...that really hit me. These basics beliefs, that I have treasured my whole life, are now becoming facts of knowledge to me, and I live what I've been taught. The Atonement, Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon. I KNOW these things to be true. For me, it is a fact, one that shall never be denied. 
Elder Travis Clemons
 Elder Sufia and I are planking ;-)