Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Transferred to Goya...

My new companion Elder León and me

Well it finally happened, I got transferred out of Reconquista to Goya, just across the river.

Leaving Reconquista
I was kinda bummed to leave Reconquista. I was there for 6 months, so obviously it became a second home to me. I really grew close to many of the members there, and especially to our recent converts.

We got the call last Tuesday around 7 that Elder Conway and I were both being transferred. What!??!  What essentially happened is that Pres Franco took out a set of missionaries in Recoquista, and made what were previously 3 areas into 2. So we were both shipped to other areas.

So we ran around saying goodbyes to all the people that we could reach. The saddest was saying goodbye to the Micheli Family. Leonardo, Micaela and the mom started crying. The dad held strong, but you could tell he was sad. But some good news is that Andres, the Dad, is getting baptized this coming Saturday! WOOT! I just wish I could be there to see it. I worked with that man for nearly 5 months. It's gonna' be a good day.

Arriving in Goya
The new apartment in Goya is super nice!! ...and we have a microwave!!!!  But we don't really use it much because they don't really have microwavable food here. Also, when we got here, we didn't have AC, so we called President Franco, and looks like we'll get some in the coming weeks. Looks like we're also getting a blender for some reason ...how's that for spoiled; so I am going to make smoothies!!! Woot!!

My new area is incredible, love it. A lot easier than Reconquista. I'm not quite sure why, but from Wednesday night all the way up to Friday morning, every single person we contacted let us in.  Wow, every one! Dang that felt so good. We've already planned some baptisms for the 25th. I'll provide  more info later, but I ask that you pray for our investigators Mirta, Joanna, y David. Those are the 3 that are progressing the most.  Oh, and pray for Andres as well, so that his baptism goes well in Reconquista.

The area is really nice at one end, we have a beach and hotel, and the other is super poor. So it's quite the mix. I really like it though. I have a feeling we are going to have some real success here.  We live in the city center; so it is pretty nice. But we also cover the really poor area where people literally live in stick houses. That is where we normally work. Pretty sketchy at night though.

My new companion, Elder León, is super cool, really fun and patient. I'm excited to be his comp. And he's my first Latino!!! CAH!!! finally!! He is from Ecuador, which means ...no English! Nada.  Not a single syllable.  I have spoken only Spanish for many days, and it is great!!!

So I have some pretty big news, I have been called as a zone leader here in Goya (our zone consists of 14 missionaries, 4 of which are sisters). I was really taken back when they extended the calling. I have no leadership experience here in the mission. So I have no clue what to do, but so far I seem to be keeping up.  Being a zone leader comes with a lot of responsibilities; you'd be amazed how much difficult stuff happens in the zone with the missionaries, and you've got to make a lot of decisions. I'm kinda' winging it, but so far it has been fine.

Elder León has a lot of leadership experience since he's been a district leader multiple times, and a ZL for one prior transfer. He's been really helpful.

We also have a really good zone. The numbers  are the highest they've been in several months, and this last week was the best week in a long time.

Goodness, I just love my mission. And that's not just something to say, I mean it in all sincerity.  I love what I'm do out here. I love speaking Spanish.  I love helping people come to Christ.  I'm just amazed at the sacrifices people make as they do so.  Just amazes me.


Elder Travis Clemons

P.S.  I am super pumped to be able to skype you guys for Argentina Mother's day. President Franco is extremely loving and kind to allow us to skype home a second time. We will also skype at Christmas, and then again on Mothers day in May. :D