Monday, March 23, 2015

What the heck?!!?

Hey familia!! Sooooo ...transfers happened!!! And you would never guess what happened!!!!

So I predicted and wanted ...well I'M TRAINING!!!!! BAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!  I still don`t know who yet, I will meet him tomorrow.  Right now I am waiting at the mission headquarters here in Resistencia for him to get here. But there's more ...I'M GOING BACK TO RECONQUISTA!!!!  THE EXACT SAME AREA AND ALL!!!  What the heck!?!?!?!?!  I freaked when I saw the transfer!!! Wow, Reconquista 4 ...again!

I am really hoping I get to train a Latino.  I have only had one Latino as a companion so far on my mission, and I'm really hoping he will be from Uruguay.  But whatever happens, happens.  And I am happy with it.

So I am going to miss being a Zone Leader.  I really liked being able to help all the missionaries and seeing our collective success. And I liked all the meetings with Pres. Franco every month and receiving all his inspired special training.

But what I've really wanted to do all along was to be able to focus on one Elder and start him off right; and that is exactly what Pres. Franco gave me.  I couldn't be happier. :)

Oh wow, was it hard to leave Goya!!! :(

I was there 6 months and really loved the people. They're just incredible.  I am going to send you lots of photos.  It was super hard to say goodbye.

Mirta y Joana were really sad. They were both crying when I told them that I was leaving. :( They are both incredible and sooo faithful. They were always willing to help us with the missionary work and always gave us something to eat and drink any time we stopped by.

Oh and goodness, Lucia Lopez and her children Valentina y Lucas were soooo sad. Lucia wrote me a letter saying how grateful she was for my help blessing her family and blessing her kids ...she knit me a hat!!! Super cool! I'll send a photo of it next week.  She also gave me an Argentina Flag. Valentina y Lucas drew me a picture and said that  they loved me. :) Ohhh man, that was hard!!

Yup, leaving Goya is hard to do :-(

Oh cool experience, I worked a lot with the Old Mission leader`s son Maxi. He is 14 and really converted and dedicated to the gospel. As we were saying our goodbyes he took me aside and said he received an answer from God.  He said he'd been praying to know if he should go on a mission (because none of his older siblings had gone), and he said that he'd had a dream (which even included me), and that God had recently answered his prayers to go.  How cool is that!! He just thanked me for the example and motivation and said he was going to do
everything to get himself on a mission. :) What a great kid. :)

Man, I just love the mission. There just isn't any experience in the world that can replace it. You come, serve complete strangers, and love them so easily. I really love the many things I've learned from my mission. And I love serving these people.

If there's only one thing I could take home from my time in the mission, it would be an increase of charity towards those around me. I have grown to love so many people out in the mission.

First off my family.  I haven't seen you guys in nearly 2 years, but my love for you has grown tremendously.

I've also grown to love Presidente Franco and his wife, the members, and the converts is just so easy to love while you're a missionary. I really do believe that I have developed a bit more charity out here.  Completely? No. But I know it has grown.  And if I read the scriptures properly, that's probably the greatest thing that can happen to a disciple of Christ.

Christ lives. Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. The Book of Mormon is the word of God as is the Bible. Humbly, we are members of Christ's true church. I know it, and this knowledge fills me with joy.

Love you all soo much! :)

Elder Clemons