Sunday, August 11, 2013

I've been reassigned!! Carlsbad, California

Hey!! Sorry it's so late in the day! I had a training meeting from 8 until just now!  Welp! I got my reassignment!'s Carlsbad Cali!!!

I'm leaving the MTC this coming Tuesday morning at 3:45 AM :p My flight is at 8:42 and it goes directly to San Diego; expected arrival time is 9:34 am. So I'll be calling you somewhere in between there ...most likely around 5:AM'ish.....bahaha So if you wanna hear my voice, you better sleep with the phone next to you

I'm really happy with my call. It seems super awesome! Still, I wish I was going to Argentina ...but clearly, it's not where I serve, but how I serve that matters.

So I'm absolutely ecstatic about my reassignment. :)  But I'm not going to lie, my heart has been in Argentina for months now, so having to wait a couple more months is kinda' saddening.

I really would just like to go to Resistencia ...and die of the heat, and get bloody blisters on my feet from walking 60 miles, and eat different foods, and love the people. I love Resistencia without having ever gone there. I want to go. But, I know that God needs me in Carlsbad for a little bit. I'll do His work and I'll find those souls. My work ethic will not change no matter what mission I am in. My work is for the Lord, and it doesn't matter which mission that work is in, for the work is always the same. I'll serve with everything I have in Carlsbad, just as I would in Resistencia. :)

P.S. I don't know what language I'll be speaking, I'll speak what they need me to. I hope it's Spanish, but I'll do what is asked. :)

P.P.S. My Spanish is coming along really well. I no longer have to listen and then translate. I'm able to listen and understand solely in Spanish now. I just have to translate my answers from English to Spanish, but often I say it before I'm done translating in my head. It just comes out, it's very cool. :D

Love you all,

Elder Clemons

Some Pictures...

I bought some scripture cases in the MTC.  They're made in Guatemala!

My first sewing job! Bahahha.  It's massive, but I needed to fix it! :p
I'm super proud of my work though. This will NOT rip!