Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Spirit said to take a taxi and chase the bus...

Hey, so the power went out again in Goya yesterday, so I didn't get to finish writing my letter. Sorry. And today, I'm in BellaVista doing exchanges....

Miracles do happen ...both Mirta and Viviana were baptized :D
Mirta & Viviana
So it happened! Both Mirta and Viviana (not related) were baptized this past Saturday!!! :D It was such a great feeling to be a part of their baptisms; we've been working so hard and for so long with both of them finally see them be baptized was amazing and fulfilling.

Both Mirta and Viviana have had huge obstaculos on their road to baptism, but with a bit of diligence, faith, and patience, they were able to overcome those obstaculos and get baptized. That's why I feel like these baptisms were so fulfilling, we worked and worked and worked, had tons of ups and downs, moments of high hopes and expectations, and other moments where those hopes and expectations were nearly destroyed. But all in all, it worked out, God providing the way.

The baptismal service was well attended and went smooth, the baptisms were performed without errores, and everyone was just happy and in good spirits. For the snack after there was pizza, empanadas, facturas, and pop. But sadly for the missionaries, were we all fasting, so we didn't get to participate haha. But overall, this was just a happy spiritual experience.

Volleyball on the beach ...if you can see it on the sand, it says Parana ....our zone is Rio Parana 1!

Ya ...we're cool ;-)
P-Day yesterday was super fun. Presidente Franco gave our zone permission to meet up and play volleyball on the beach! Super fun! You'll be pleased to know that this time I remembered to put some sunscreen on ...but I forgot to also put it on the tops of my feet, so those got burned :-( But it was sooooooo worth it. I don't think I have walked barefoot for my whole mission, and walking through the sand was just incredible. I'm serious, I was so happy just to be able to walk on sand.

It was also really nice to just have the zone playing volleyball together.  It's really quite rare that we can play sports here, but we had to end at 3 because our bus left at 4 to go to BellaVista....

We were running late, so we bolted home, didn't even change into proselyting clothes, grabbed our stuff for exchanges, and ran to the terminal (bus station). Right as we showed up left! :D

Oh I felt so bad. But as we were returning to the apartment, the Spirit said to take a taxi and chase the bus.  I thought "Bueno, done!!" And so we jumped in a taxi and literally chased down the bus, caught up to it, got in front of it, got out of the taxi, and made the bus stop. We then entered and paid and successfully made our way to BellaVista. I truly felt like a boss at that moment. :-)

Oh, so every Monday Presidente Franco calls us to talk about the zone and the work. This last time we talked about the work in February, which was really pretty good for our zone. Presidente Franco said that he had given each of the individual zones a goal, and the goal he had set for our zone was not change anything, just to keep going as is.  Needless to say, that made me feel pretty happy knowing that Pres was happy with the work here in our zone.  :-)

I love the mission.  Life is good and enjoyable.  It is easy to be happy out here.  Love you all!

Elder Clemons! :D