Monday, October 28, 2013

VISA !!!!!

Well, the time has come ...MY VISA IS HERE!!! :D
I just received the call last night. I was so extremely happy and excited.

I don't really know anything that is happening though, all I know is that this Monday I have to be up at the mission office by 8:30 am.

I have mixed feelings of course. I was just saying yesterday how much I have grown to love the people here, and how I didn't want to leave. :p But that was probably God's plan all along. I'm sad to leave, but still thrilled to go. :)

It's a whole new mission, culture, language, and adventure down there! :) I'm totally excited! :D

I'm an Argentine ;)


Editor's note (Monday):

Travis called us this afternoon around 4:30.  Turns out he was already in Atlanta on a layover on his way to Buenos Aires by 7:00am, then Resistencia thereafter.

We asked him if he was travelling with other missionaries, and he said there were about 30 or so of them travelling together!! ...including all of his MTC district.

By the way, we also learned that Travis was referring to a "tourist" visa.  Looks like the entire group of missionaries is in that same boat ...hoping to get their permanent visas within the next 90 days.

One last point, Travis didn't get his letters or packages as he normally does on Saturdays (2 days ago) because it appears the "zone leaders car was running low on miles."  And now that he's left his California mission, looks like he may never get those.  Just FYI...