Monday, December 1, 2014

Joana gets baptised

Hello Familia!

So this week was Thanksgiving, eh?  Ha!  Didn't feel like it at all here; every day was exactly the same here in the mission. We did try to find a turkey once we learned it was Thanksgiving, but turns out they aren't in this part of the country.  So that idea got shot down.

But this week was super incredible anyway! Remember how I said that Joana was going to get baptized ...well she did this Saturday! 

Joana's baptism
Everything about the baptismal service was just perfect. We started only 1 hour late (which is pretty normal for around here).  And we got a chance to take some nice pictures. Joana had asked me to perform the ordinance.  We essential fought about it ...I wanted a member to do it, but she wouldn't accept that.  She even said she'd pulled my name out of a bag twice, and that it was God's will therefore that I do it.  So it was kinda' hard to argue that one. 

She was just beaming happy :-)
But I'm actually really glad I was able to do it.  I've been privileged to participate in the baptism of a good number of people so far on my mission, but the Spirit during this particular ordinance was so strong.  Being able to physically perform the ordinance for Joana was such a spiritual privilege. 

She loved it, and so did her mom.  Their overflowing joy affected everyone else.  This baptismal service was just so upbeat and joyful.  I really enjoyed it.  Afterwards, we some snacks and dessert, and man, the branch really responded this time.  We probably had about 40ish people in attendance.  ... and tons of food: 5 cakes, empanadas, and lots of soda!  I've never seen so much food in a baptismal service here!  It was great!  Everyone was chatting and laughing, and we got to visit with some new investigators that came to the baptism, so that was good!

Just Joana and her family
Our other investigators are Mirta (Joana's mom) and Telma (David's cousin and the niece of Walter Gomez, the ward mission leader).  Sadly, Telma didn't make it to church this week, so we have to push her date back to the 27th of this month.  While we'd made a very achievable plan for her, the other day when it rained so hard (see last week's letter), nobody came to church.  She even stayed Saturday night with the Gomez family so she could go to church with them in the morning.  But the people here are literally terrified of the heavy rain.  So Telma didn't come. :(  But then Mirta and Joana also sent us a message saying that they weren't coming either -- which freaked us out because Joana needed to be confirmed -- so we got a taxi and shot down there and picked them up. So luckily we got them to Church.

...and everybody else
It was pretty funny at church because there were only missionaries there, and we all were soaked.  Haha, it always brings a smile to my face to see my fellow missionaries drenched. So all in all it was a good Sunday, we got drenched, and Joana became a member of the church. 

Today for P-day we played risked with 4 other Elders. Good times :-)  The game lasted about 2 1/2 hours, and I ended up winning.  Sheer luck for sure.

Tomorrow we have to travel to Resistencia for a meeting with all the leaders again ...which means this Wednesday, we'll have another zone meeting. So we've got a lot of learning, planning, and no sleeping to do! :D

I love the mission. I hope you know that.  I love what I do, and I love helping people come unto Christ.  Especially durante this time of year, it's Christmas!!! And we celebrate Christmas because of the birth of our Savior.  I know He lives, and that He loves us, and that He has restored His church once again on the earth.

Um, I love my mission!!!

Elder Clemóns!