Monday, November 4, 2013

I'm in Argentina !!!

Travis has been assigned to the city of Fontana, just south of Resistencia.
So I have like no time to write here.  I am only given one hour and these computers are so rediculously slow that it makes it really hard.  So, you're going to have to choose between letters or pictures.  But there is no time for both :-(
But I will try to tell you all that I can.
I made it!  I´m safely here.  After 50 hours of travel, I have finally made it to Resistencia!
My companion is Elder Pickle. Our area is Fontanegro 2, part of the city of Fontana, and its just south of Resistencia, so I´m in the big city for now.
It´s hot here, really really hot. And it´s only going to get hotter haha. So our area is new; well, not new, but just split. So we are starting a new pension (apartment). And while that sounds nice, in this case, it's not in, we have absolutely nothing! No beds, no fridge, no fan, no running water (I haven´t showered for over 4 days. Hahaha) ...pretty much nothing at all.
The Elders that were supposed to set us up this apartment before we got here ....didn´t really. So now we have to. I´m assuming within the next 2 weeks, we'll have set up everything, and it´ll be great then. :)

The families here are incredible, I love them so much! They are so kind and loving and just so caring. I know I will love this branch! Usually there are about 70 people that attend church, and about 15 priesthood holders. So there is really great potential here. :)
We meet in this little store that has been converted into a meeting house.  I´m going to work hard here so we can get a chapel built!
Everything here is so different. You can stop someone in the street, talk for 15 minutes, invite them to baptism, and they accept. It´s crazy. But I hope people actually stay committed.  Of course, I want converts for life, not just for baptism.

I´m so happy to be here. I know why I am here, and I´m going to work hard to fulfill my purpose. I know this is the true Church of Christ. I wouldn't be here if I didn't KNOW that. I love it. I´ll work hard.
I love you all.
P.S. Pictures are impossible to send; it literally takes hours. I'm hoping it's just because of this computer.  - But for now, just this one picture. Sorry.