Monday, September 22, 2014

A week of adventures

First off, Andres Micheli came to church!!! Woot!! And he stayed for all 3 hours! All of them!! Half of the members don’t even do that! And what is super incredible is that he participated in all of them. He made a comment in Principios del Evangelio, where he said that we (meaning my comp and I) had been a blessing for him and his family because we have brought them peace and truth ...and that he too, was beginning to accept it!! Gah! :

Ya ...he has a date for the 18th! :)

We also a great blessing this week.  An area seventy, Presidente Gonzalez, came to speak to our mission. That's the first Seventy I've had on my mission so far! He was a great speaker, and he and his wife said a lot of things that really encouraged me. One of the things he said was that with true faith in the Book of Mormon, we can baptize 10 people a month.....10 people!! Gosh! That just tells me that I really need to fortify my faith in the BoM. His wife, Hermana Gonzalez, told us we need to teach in the same manner Christ taught. He understood each person's needs, and addressed those needs in His teachings. As examples, consider the symbolism of the living water, the bread of life, and the light of the world. She suggested that we too could teach in this manner.

Besides the awesome instruction, it was also super nice to see all of my friends again! I saw Elders Atwood, Sufia, Pickle, Thomas, Toldedo, Murphy, and lots of others. Super nice!

I also got to chat will the elder that is in Fontana right now, Elder Allen. He told me that nearly all the people I had worked with are still active and "miss you tons!" :D Elder Allen is training right now, and his greenie came up to me, looked at my name tag and was like, “You're Elder Clemons?” Haha.  Looks like I'm luckily well remembered in Fontana :-) 

So a long time ago, I bought these cool leather cases for my scriptures.  But it's been months now that I've been waiting for them.  Finally got them this week ...super nice! Buenos Aires temple and my name on the front, and Christ "knocking on the door" on the back. Love it!

I also just bought 2 Boca Soccer jerseys today. Can you see me wearing these back in the States?! The white one is the new official uniform, and the blue/yellow one is the training model.
And hey, the hair cut's getting better :)

So yesterday we decided to sleep on the roof! ...well why not. It was super fun.

But what's funny is Elder Ware thought it could just throw his mattress up on the roof problem.  So he threw it, but missed just under, and the mattress bounced back off the wall and flew over the end of our building, then fell down 2 stories into our neighbor's back yard. Bahahahahah.  Oh we were dying! And even better, when he went over to the neighbor's to get it back, the neighbor laughed even harder!  Oh it was hilarious. Good times, and a good night :)

Welp, got to go!


Love you Mom! :D