Monday, July 28, 2014

We had so much success!!!

Hola Familia!!

This week was incredible!!! We had so much success!!! We had 4 people in church, and for the first time ever, were able to teach more lessons with members helping us than just on our own.  We almost achieved every goal established by the zone! So yup, we feel pretty good this week :-)

We have not yet had a chance to meet M____'s husband. We've tried several times, but he keeps avoiding us. But igual, we have received permission from him to continue to teach his family :D Since then, we've had two super powerful lessons with their family (M____ y her kids); they've even been able to come to a baptism this last Saturday! They loved the hymns and the whole atmosphere of the baptism. It was really rewarding to see how happy they were. And best of all, all 3 of them came to church!!! :D And they were all so excited ...they've been waiting for this day for nearly 3 weeks. I'm certain that they loved it. We've already made plans with them for this coming Sunday, and tonight we've got a Family Night planned at a member's home. So things are looking really good for this family. They've scheduled a tentative baptismal date for the 23rd of August, but that might actually be moved up to the 16th depending on how they feel.  Please continue to pray for this family so that they can have the animo (editor: courage) to continue onward and reach their baptisms. 

P-days have gotten super fun these past few weeks as we now get to play frisbee, ping pong and vollyball that's pretty much all we do now on p-days! And it's so much fun since we haven't played sports in over a year!

But sad news ...we didn't receive our monthly money this week for some reason, so I think I'm going to starve this week. :p I only have 10 pesos to my name, which is only about 1 dollar. :p I really have no clue what I am going to do. 

Some of the greatest joy on this earth is being with your family and helping others come into the gospel.  And I have learned so much about both during my mission. There is no greater joy than living the gospel and the certainty of eternal famillies. I love seeing the happiness people recieve as they begin to take those early steps towards baptisms. Seeing them happy makes me happy. I hope it's not too trite, but I do love helping people.

I can never properly express to you how much I love my missoin. I love it thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssss much! Although on some days it's ridiculously cold, on others it's unbearably hot and sweaty, and you never get enough sleep ...I do love what I do.

Love you all so much! 

And hey, please ask the family write me!!!  I may not be able to reply, but I do love the letters :D

Elder Travis Clemons