Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A nice roof-top dinner while Argentina loses to Germany :(

Our first district activity in Argentina.  Ping-pong was fun; but let's just say I'm not so good ;-)
Hola Famillia!! 

I got to have my first activity in Argentina! The very first time that we were allowed to get together as a district to do something on p-day!! Woot! We played some ping pong! I was super bad, but it was fun!

Otherwise, this week was pretty hard since we kept having to go in because of the World Cup games. Our numbers suffered a lot as a result :(

But we did find 2 families which gives me a little bit of hope. :) Gabriela and her 2 kids, Allen and Gloria, and Mirian and her 2 kids, Leonardo and Mikaela. They are all interested and want to learn more. :) We haven't had a chance to meet their husbands (if they even are married ...no one here gets married; they just live together); so that might be a problem.  Unsurprisingly, it's often the men that stop their families from progressing. But I have a lot of faith and hope in these people, so please pray for them that they can receive answers to their sincere prayers :)

But Mirian and her kids are progressing! They read everything as a family and are super pumped for the church. Mirian has even testified that she knows that they are receiving blessings by listening to us.  She's noticed more peace and happiness among her family. :) Sadly, they couldn't go to church yesterday, but we have meaningful plans for this next week. So please pray for them so that then can continue progressing, receive answers to their prayers, and eventually get baptized. :) 

And pray for us to find more people that will accept God's message.

Argentina has been crazy with the World Cup. Everyone and their dogs wear the Argentine soccer jerseys ...and yes, that's not just an expression ... their dogs really are dressed up in little Argentine jerseys. It's quite hilarious.

Missionaries have to be in their apartments any time Argentina plays. But believe me, we hear everything that happens. Every time a goal goes off, the city explodes ...literally. Cannons go off, fireworks launch, car horns toot and blow horns go wild. People run through the streets screaming.  Ha ha hah, it's seriously funny ...and makes studying hard. And then when the game ends with an Argentine win, then things really go loco. Everything I just described happens x 10 ...for like 2 hours. It's really quite crazy to me. But it's also quite fun to be in a country that loves soccer this much.

Sadly the States lost to Belgica, but that was probably for the best; I suspect it would've made the work super hard.  But we'll come back in 4 years! :D  As for now, I'm rooting for Argentina, my second home! We gotta win!
We were on top of our apartment for the Argentina v Holland game.  The city literally went crazy. Fireworks everywhere.  We couldn't hear a thing because everyone was screaming and yelling and cars were honking. So fun!

We had a super nice dinner on top of the roof. We had to stay in the whole day Sunday. So we made a super nice dinner. We made hamburgers by hand, with eggs, lettuce, tomato and all. We also made our french fries by hand. Topped off with some nice drinks ...it was a really nice, relaxing day. 
And and Elder Thomas made us some super good flan!!! Flan is like the main dessert dish here in Argentina! It made for some really good comfort food after the big loss.

It was the best meal I've had here in Reconquista. We enjoyed the weather, watched the city, and played some board/card games. :)  A very fun night!
But it was a serious bummer when Argentine lost against Germany.  Here's a video from on top of our apartment after the World Cup finals. Super sad. I have never seen so much sadness in any city ever before. You could just see it in their posture the next morning. Everyone was dragging their feet, barely able to smile, walking real slow. And no one had their Argentina shirts on ...not even their dogs.  I couldn't find an Argentina flag anywhere. The Argentines took quite the hit yesterday ...and so did I. I wanted to win sooo bad! But oh well, next time. ;)
So we have been working with the menos activos in our area lately.  We're trying to reactive them by encouraging them to help us do the work. We recently had a family home evening where we made tacos, and they invited some of their friends! It was soooo good, and quite successful! ..and spicy!! (I actually burned myself!) Their friend was super interested, and we have a second cita already set up for this Wednesday with her!

Hey, so transfers are this week.  Elder Thomas is definitely gone this week; so I'm assuming I will finally get my long-awaited Latino companion!!! :D  Woot!!!

So that's about it.  Not much happened this week. But Just know that I am working hard and loving what I am doing! Love the work, and love the people! :D

Love Elder Clemons