Monday, July 21, 2014

...this Elder knows how to play ball :-)

Elder Thomas got transferred to Corrientes
Hola familia!!!

So Transfers were this week!!! Elder Thomas left to Corrientes, and I stayed here in Reconquista with a GREENY!!!

Elder Conway, is from American Fork, yes, he plays basketball :-)

I was super shocked when they said that I was going to train. I don't feel ready for it at all. But I do feel privileged, realize it's a significant responsibility, and am committed to do a good job and to learn and grow.

No, he's not Latino, but obviously that doesn't matter. His name is Elder Conway, and he's from American Fork! Wow, super close to us! He went to school at Pleasant Grove and played basketball. Too bad we can't really play sports on our missions :p 

Elder Conway is going to be a great missionary. As a greenie, he doesn't yet speak Spanish particularly fluently, but that doesn't stop him from throwing himself out there and contacting, teaching, praying, and doing everything the Lord asks of a missionary. He's got a powerful testimony.

I do realize I'm a bit unprepared to be a trainer.  But I trust in Presidente Franco's inspiration, and I know that sticking to the "12 Weeks" program and relying heavily on the Holy Ghost will start us out on the right path.

Wish us luck!

Here's an update on our golden family: M___ and her 2 kids. They really are my favorite family that I've had the privilege to teach on my mission. We've had many lessons and Family Home Evenings with them; and they just love the gospel. They always keep their commitments and recognize the blessings they are receiving.

But we do have a little kink -- M___'s husband (I've not met him yet) won't let them go to church just yet. :(  We'd made plans with the family to go to church together, but when we passed by Sunday morning to get them, they weren't there. We passed by again that night to see if they had returned, and the kids came out to talk with us.  They told us they know the church is true, that they've received personal answers to their prayers, and that they'd like to get baptized. We told them their father is an important part of their family, and the entire family should talk together about the good things they are learning from the missionaries, and explain to him that this really is something that they want.

My comp and I are going to fast this Tuesday for them. We'll also try to set up some times when the dad can participate in our conversations (of course, we've attempted this many times before). Once we get that opportunity, we're certain the Spirit will take over the lesson. So I'm asking everyone to keep this family in your prayers, and ask that the Holy Ghost be with us during our lessons, and that the father's heart be softened. 

I really love this family. We will do everything we can to help them. 

I know the church is true; I've never doubted it, and never will. I can't properly express to you how much I love my mission. But, well, I love it. I wouldn't give it up for the world. I love the work and the people. 

...and I love you all so much!

Elder Clemons!