Monday, June 30, 2014

Putting Moroni's promise to the test ...again


Les amo muchisimo!

So this week nothing really happened. It was a pretty hard week, but as missionaries we don't look back at the bad, we just look at the white field ahead of us and plan on how to harvest it. :)

Good times predicting the World Cup!!
Mundial has made Argentina crazy. Tomorrow we have to stay in again because of the game. Argentina plays Nigeria and the USA plays Belgica. And if both the States and Argentina win, they face off in the next round. So that is going to make the work here fun. :P They are so serious about their soccer, but it does rub off ...I am super excited about it too. Everyone in the mission has these little brackets that we fill out will the counties, it is super fun. And my room Elders and I have this guesing game going on. It is a lot of numbers, but something fun to do at the end of the night.

So I had a pretty spiritual experience this week. A couple of days ago I finished reading the  BoM in Spanish. I usually never have time to just sit and read because in one way or another, we're always studying something for our investigators. But I decided to once again put Moroni's promise to the test ...just as I have done before. I found a secluded room and knelt down and offered up a prayer asking God if the Book of Mormon was true. As I ended my prayer, I sat up and waited pondering. I waited for nearly 10 minutes, and nothing was happening. I sat there wondering "why would God not answer my prayers?" I wasn't doubting the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon; I just wanted a confirmation. But still nothing. So I decided to reread Moroni's promise. And the words, "having faith" really penetrated me. I suppose I had faith, but was it sufficient? Then I thought, "everyday I go out and promise people that if they will just read 3 verses of the Book of Mormon and pray and ask God, their literal father, that He will answer them." And they do receive answers. Now if they can do it after 3 verses, surely I can do it after having read the entire book. And it was at that moment -- that moment when I fully expected an answer -- that I received it. I was overcome by a sensation of peace and calmness which started from my heart and spread throughout my body.

My mind was guided to the scripture in Galatians 5:21-22 where it lists the fruits of the Spirit. Explaining the spirit is a tough thing to do, but I felt exactly what was described in this scripture: peace, joy, love. At that moment, when God manifested the truth of the BoM to me, is when I felt an immense amount of love towards my family. True love is found in God and in His work. I have never felt so much love towards others before than at that moment.

I want to declare to the world that I know the Book of Mormon is true. And I will not deny the importance of the work we do. I also know the church is true, that it is Christ's church, and that it was restored through Joseph Smith, a real prophet of the Lord, and that love is found in God. We must love others as He loves us. I love what I do. :)

Love you all!

Elder Clemons

P.S.  I have a new mission president.  His name is President Rodolfo C Franco.  Haven't met him yet, but he's from South Jordan, born in Buenos Aires. He used to be an Area Seventy.

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