Monday, June 23, 2014

Changing of the guard...

So this week was awesome! :D So sorry I didn't write yesterday, there just wasn't any time.

Hermana Heyman y yo !!

This last week is essentially Presidente y Hermana Heyman's last week in the mission. :( So we had a mission-wide conference in Resistencia them a chance to say good-bye. It was super fun to catch up with all my old companions and friends and just relax. Presidente got Subway sandwiches for everyone and Pringles! Super yum! He also got every missionary a leather agenda case!  Super nice of him.

But although it was really fun, it was also really sad. I have really grown to love Presidente y Hermana Heyman. And to know that I won't see them again in the mission is a little saddening. They really love us, and they have really served diligently. They were great examples to me.

President took time to say good-bye to ever single missionary
At the very end of the conference they made us stand in a huge line and one by one shook everyone's hands and said a personal good-bye. It took nearly 3-4 hours. And the things they said to each of us were really nice. They are great people. :) I'm going to miss them.

But I do understand that their time has now come to an end, and that the keys of the mission will now transfer to Presidente Franco. So I am super excited to get to know him. :)

My average day...
Ok, so you want to know what my average day looks like? Bueno...  So I get up at 6:30 and exercise for 30 minutes every day. From 7 to 8 I eat and get ready for the day. From 8-11 we have personal study, companion study, and language study. From 11-12, we work for 1 hour near the apartment, but that hour isn't often very productive because everyone is preparing their lunch.  Like everyone else, around 12 we have lunch, but we usually get to spend it with members, a veces (editor: at times) we just eat in the apartment. After lunch, we work until 9 or 9:30.

It's a bit more difficult here in Reconquista than it was in Fontana ...especially durante la siesta. Bottom line, no one wants to listen to you during the siesta. To explain a little bit, for siesta in Argentina everyone goes to bed at 1 and literally takes a 4 hour nap until 5.  I know blows my mind. But they get quite ticked when you wake them up during their siesta. Pero igual (editor: all the same), we do it anyway ...because we know the blessings they can recieve from our message. If we're lucky, we have 1 to 2 planned lessons a day; I always look forward to those. But we usually range about 2-3 lessons total a day because somebody unplanned usually lets us in.

My day-to-day life really just consists of looking for people to find, and asking for referencias de miembros.  I suspect we actually teach the Gospel for only about 2 hours a day :(

This week
But this week we did find a pretty cool mother and son: Delia y Diego. They are super nice and willing to complete all of the compromisos we give them. Delia can't read, but Diego reads out loud to her, so it works. They are Catholic, but attend the universal church (which believes that all the churches are true). It seems like they're pretty pumped to go to church, but something in the family happened this last week, and they had to leave until Thursday. We'll figure out what happened when they get back :) Please pray for them that they can receive answers to their prayers and have the animo to continue. :)

I got a package today!!!
Good news, YOUR PACKAGE CAME!!! I don't know how, but I got it. Blessings huh? :) I love all
my new tie clips. :) And I will slowly be eating the peanut butter. :) It is very yummy. all the tie clips!!  Go BYU!!

I asked President during my personal interview with him how I could immerse myself more in the culture. I'm going to dedicate myself more to the work and love even more those I teach. I'm also going to ask Presidente Franco to put me with Latinos; we'll see. ;)

Well, I love you all a lot! and thanks for the package! :D

Elder Clemons