Monday, June 2, 2014

25 lessons in 1 week ...we've become a legend in Reconquista!

Hola Flia!

This week has been the most successful week we've had together in Reconquista! We had 7 lessons with members, 16 without, and another 2 in church! I know it doesn't sound that high, but for this area, it's like legendary! We worked so hard ...WOOT!

So transfers are coming up this week. My guess is that Elder Thomas goes (since he's had 3 transfers here), and I stay. I hope I get a Latino! I want one so bad! There are the coolest! I love Latinos! :D

So I will tell you about some of our investigators. There are all old people ...hahaha. 

Luis is in his 60s. He has bad knees, so he can't really walk. He is also a little slow, but has a sincere desire to learn. He says we give him hope. He is really cool. He always loves talking about God, and reads what we give him. He has attended church 2 times now and went to watch a baptism last Saturday ...and he has a date for the 14th, my b-day!  How awesome is that!!

Sunilda was a pretty cool find. She is 76. She was an antiguo (editor: old investigator) from like 6 months ago. Our district leader actually received revelation for this one. Around 7:00 one night, he randomly called us and said that someone was outside waiting for us to find them. So we stopped contacting people in their homes and just randomly started talking with people outside. After about 30 minutes, we found her walking outside. We walked over, introduced ourselves, and she got super excited. :D Said that she was super happy to see us and wanted us to come over the next day. We went, talked, started teaching her lessons, and now she is also getting baptised on the 14th. She has already attended church 3 times, and has nearly read the entire Book of Mormon!

Miguel is also an antiguo. He is like 60'ish. Super funny. It is nearly impossible for him to focus on religious stuff, ha.  For instance yesterday he pulled out his PS3 and showed us all the games he has. Hahaha. But he does understand that he needs to balance his life out with religion. In reality, he doesn't really have a good understanding of God or how much He loves him. He's had a hard life: two divorces and the death of his oldest son just last year. So we focus a lot on eternal families.

Please know that we're working hard. And please pray for our investigators so that they can overcome their obstacles and get baptized. I love my mission!! 

Elder Clemons