Monday, April 13, 2015

Success is not about the # of people you baptize, but the person you become

Thanks for being the only person in my whole inbox dad, Love you. :)

So I don't really take pictures.....  you have already seen everything here in Reconquista. :P

The Work
This week was actually extremely difficult for us. But I don't really understand why. I feel like I am a better missionary than the last time I was here ...I have more experience, more knowledge, more ability, and I already have the trust of the members.  I have been fasting every week for the past 3 months ...all of which should help to set us up for success, but we've had no success of late :-(

We have two semi-progressing investigators named Giselda y Luciana. But we weren't able to talk with Giselda much this week; I one point I think she "wasn't home." So we'll pass by next week and see how she's doing. Everything with Luciana was going great, but she didn't make it to church last week, and we don`t know why.

Sigh.  As a result, we contacted a ton this week!  I have never seen soooo much rejection before, haha.  I even had a few random people ask me why I came back, hahaha, so that's pretty funny.

But I have sufficient knowledge and experience in the mission to understand that sometimes you have good weeks, and sometimes bad; it's normal. But I continue to have faith, I'm not slacking, I'm motivated, and I continue to put my hand to the plow.  In time, I'm sure success will come. Maybe not in the form of baptisms, but success will come as the Lord harvests His field. I always told my zone back in Goya that success isn't about the number of people you baptize, but about the person you become. You`re your first convert, right? Just gotta buck up and go.

District Conference
So I have been in this District (before it became a stake) for over a year. We recently had District (stake) conference. Presidente y Hermana Franco came down to Goya for it. The last time we had District Conference was when Presidente Heyman was here ...just shows how long I've been here. The conference followed the theme of General Conference; the roles of men and women, the importance of marriage, the eternal nature of temples, etc. It was really good, I liked it. It was hard to understand at times because we were watching through Skype, and it crashed like 4 times. :P But either way, it was good! At the end we got to say hello to everyone in Goya, so I got to see all the members in Goya again! :D WOOT!

My Visa
Oh so this coming week I am heading up to Corrientes to do some paperwork for my visa. Hahahaha ...I am still illegal!  I will go up on Tuesday, sleep over with the assistants, finish the paper work Wednesday, and hopefully come back Wed night. I am super excited to go travel up there ...buuuuut then again, I don't want to loose 2 days of work in our area. :P So we'll see what happens. :p

Oh, a funny story and after I spiritual one.

So, well, by now I think we've contacted everyone in Reconquista. We found this one women that said she had a "gift". Anything that she touches she "knows and understands perfectly." So I immediately stuck out my hand and asked her to read it. She grabbed it, started humming, and then said I had really good energy and was a great person. Eh? :) Oh well, I guess I was pretty happy with that. Afterwards my companion, Elder Caceres, did the same. When she took his hand she immediately gasped, "Oh how cold!!! You have such a dark, angry energy!" Bahahaha, oh fetch, I almost fell over laughing.  That made him so mad, and he was in a bad mood for the rest of the night. But I was laughing my head off all day. No, we take no stock in it, we were just being polite. So funny!!

The Familia Micheli is doing soooooo good! The are seriously gospel bosses! We showed the kids, Leo y Mikaela the new church video "He Lives" and asked them for references. Leo gave us one, and he even set up an appointment for us with him. Two days later, we went over and taught his friend. The whole Micheli family was there to support us, and each one bore powerful testimony. I felt so much peace and joy as I sat there listening to their testimonies. :) Each one is sooo faithful and firm in the gospel. I feel privileged to have been a part of their conversion. Each one explained how they received their answer about the Church; Mikaela and Leo received theirs after going to church, Miriam the mom received hers after Elder Conway and I gave her daughter a priesthood blessing and the words that were pronounced really hit her. And Andres, the dad, received his answer after seeing the happiness that was entering his home. It is just incredible to be able to see how far this family has progressed in the gospel. :)  Nothing can beat being a missionary. :)

Well, that is all I got for today! Love you all so much! :)

Love Elder Clemóns!

P.S  Mom, I love you!