Monday, April 20, 2015

An Apostle is coming to visit our mission!!!

Right now in Reconquista it is voting time...and they are crazy with this. Everyone and their dog is trying out. Cars are driving around blasting music with the little jingles of each candidate and there are posters everywhere!! Like literally everywhere!!

Lucia Lopez (from Goya) knitted the hat and gave me the flag :D

Soooo this week was very similar to last week ...we lost all of our existing investigatores, but found a bunch of new ones.

We have some people who let us come in, but don't keep their commitments. There's plenty of work to do, so we just move on to new people who show more interest. Maybe the next time missionaries knock on their door, they'll be more receptive to the restored gospel. We had one lady who when we knocked on her door, opened it, but when she saw it was us, just slammed the door in our faces without saying anything. So we took that to mean that she doesn't want us to come by anymore, haha.

But we have also found 2 super incredible families this week! We found them by "clapping" houses (kinda' like knocking on the door to announce your arrival). The first family is the Nuñuz familia. There are 3 family members. The dad is a member from long long ago.  He was baptized in Goya and loooves the missionaries. But he lost contact with them when he moved to Reconquista. He and his family are members of a local Evangelica church, but they are inactive in this church. They have tons of potential please pray for them.

The 2nd family we found is the familia Romero. They are inactive Catholics who are really nice. We have taught them about 3 times now, and they are progressing. But they need to go to church. SO pray for them as well!

We are dying to have some success here!!!

On a happy note, Andres Micheli taught the class in priesthood yesterday! Ohhhhh, I was soooo happy! It was an awesome lesson! He and his whole family have come so far!! It was really something to see such a huuuuge guy being soooo nervous to teach the class. But he did great! Oh my goodness was just so awesome!

New Mission Rules
So, here's some news for you guys! President Franco has instituted a bunch of new health rules here:
  1. We can't drink the water any more (...sshhhh I still do.)
  2. We can't eat with the members anymore :(  This one makes me very sad I'm sure  you can tell, I love eating haha
  3. We have to carry hand sanitizer around everywhere we go.
  4. We've got a bunch of new rules about keeping the apartments very clean

I'm District Leader now
So randomly, Presidente Franco decided to make some unscheduled changes here in Reconquista. I don't know why, but my district leader got emergency transferred yesterday during Church. And then last night, I was made the new District Leader for this half of Reconquista. Needless to say, that came as somewhat of a surprise to me. I have never been a district leader before, so I am kinda' nervous about that.  But I assume it's similar to being a Zone Leader; so I suspect it'll all work out. Hope so!!

So after 22 months of being a tourist in Argentina, I am finally now a legal visitor!! Woot!!  I've been doing paperwork (from Monday to Thursday of this week) in Corrientes. It was fun and adventurous to get away from Reconquista for a little bit ...but being away for so long just killed the work in our area :p

I stayed with the mission secretaries in their apartment these past few day.  Holy cats! ...they live in a mansion!! It's huge and soooo super nice!  So unfair!  We celebrated an Elder's birthday while I was there, so we all sang, had cake, ate Doritos (haven't seen those in forever), and played some simple games. It was a lot of fun.

An Apostle is coming to visit us!!! 
All right, here is the biggest news of the week ...AN APOSTLE IS COMING TO VISIT THE MISSION THIS FRIDAY!!! BAAAAHHHHH!!!  It's Elder Oaks!!!  BAAAAAHHHH!!!  I am soooo excited! Super excited!!  It is going to be such a huge spiritual experience! 

I know the church is true.  I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of the Lord.  I also know that the 12 Apostles are His special witnesses on the earth.  I know that Elder Oaks is going to teach us vital truths.  I can't wait!!

I love the mission and I love what I do!

Elder Clemons

My comp is from a country that has the siesta.... :p