Monday, November 10, 2014

Your friendly neighborhood Gringo! :D

Alligator skin from last week's "Snake House" visit
Hola familia!!

Well, in short, this week was super busy (we had a ton of meetings this week), and a little bit disappointing. 

To start, we had Consejo de Lideres on Tuesday, a giant meeting of all the leaders of the mission with the mission president.  We had to get up and leave by 3am to get up there by 10 I was pretty tired, but I did really enjoy it. Presidente Franco started out by talking about being a consecrated missionary and being obedient in every aspect. He taught for around 1 hr 30 min. It was really good. I took a ton of notes because as ZLs we'd have to share with the zone what he shared with us.

The hermanas made home made alfajors, super good!
Then after we had lunch.  And guess what, after nearly 1.5 years in the mission, they finally changed the menu!! Every single time I have had any form of meeting in Resistencia, we have always eaten pizza and empanadas.  But Pres Franco finally changed the menu, and we had these giant hot pocket things with bananas!  Woot!!  Soooo good!

After lunch the assistants talked about helping out the new missionaries -- we just got 57 new missionaries, one of which is in my zone -- and how to overcome doubts with investigators.  It was really quite good and gave us an excellent opportunity to freshen up our teaching skills.

The meeting ended around 4:00, and then we had to do "pedidos" (get supplies).  I wish we had a picture, but we ended up filling two suitcases full of BoMs, pamphlets, and all.  Can I just say, books are suuuuper heavy.  Then we had to lug all that back home. We left Resistencia around 6:00 and finally got back home around 10ish.

Then we started planning.  The next day was our Zone meeting.  It's our job to convey everything we've learned to the other missionaries in our zone we staying up fairly late making plans.

The following day, we got up in the morning, went to church, and immediately began to prep for the meeting. We set up chairs, tables, chalk boards, bought lunch, and lots of stuff like that.  Then missionaries started to arrive, and we had our meeting. All in all, I thought it went great. I think everyone paid attention and participated, and I actually knew what to say, so all went well.

Not much progress
The bad thing is that because of the conferences, we didn't work at all on Tuesday and Wednesday.  And then on Sunday my comp got sick we had 3 days where we didn't work ...and it was very obvious. :(

And then, it was a really hard decision, we dropped every investigator we had. So we are once again starting from ground zero. The combination of these things really hit us hard, and we were seriously down both Saturday and Sunday; it just felt awful!  It seems like nothing this week went well for us.

But we'd like to be great missionaries and learn from our mistakes.  So Elder León and I have decided to mix things up and change the way we do missionary work in our area.  A crazy man is one who does the same thing again and again, and expects things to change.  We've decided we are going to attend family nights with the members, work more with recent converts, and visit former investigators.  Please pray that we're inspired to find success in our area. 

Pics from last week's "snake house" visit
We had lots of fun!
In last week's letter, I mentioned that we had visited "snake house" on P-day where we got to look at and hold a bunch of reptiles such as snakes, tirachulas, frogs, and the scales of an alligator ..."yacaré" in Guanani, the Indian language here.

But for some good news, looks like our zone is doing pretty good.  Elder León and I have been focusing much of our efforts these past two weeks mainly on helping out the zone, and I think it worked, haha ...just our area has suffered.

We went on exchanges with the missionaries in Belgrano.  I worked with Elder Idrogo who's been in the mission a really long time, and you could tell.  I really enjoyed my time with him. We had tons of success, and I also learned a lot of things from him. The only advice I gave him was to stay motivated and obedient at all times -- and not just when your leaders are around ;-)  I really enjoyed my time with him.

This coming week, we have a multi-zone meeting in Resistencia on Thursday.  And all of (the providence of) Corrientes is going ...which means I will get to see my old companion Elder Conway again!  Woot!  I am so pumped for that!!

Oh, and hey, some more good news, Andres Micheli received the priesthood!!!  I love it!

Gotta go! Love you all!!!! 

Elder Clemóns

Your friendly neighborhood Gringo! :D