Monday, November 17, 2014

Lots of pictures, few words

Just hangin' in the Argentina, Resistencia mission :-)

I'm really sorry, but I've got like no time this week to write. So here are just some quick things.

I'm happy to report that we were fairly successful this week, both in our personal area and as a zone.

As a zone, we're doing really well. We continue to include members in lots of our lessons and visits with investigators which really goes a long way to helping investigators integrate into the local branch. And we're super pumped about that.

Multi-zone conference in Corrientes
My zone
On Thursday we had multi-zona meeting in Resistencia. We rented a bus for all the missionaries from our zone to go there together. I got to see all my friends: Elder Conway, Elder Thomas, Elder Sufia, Elder Toledo ...just todos!
Me, Elder Leon, and Pres & Sis Franco
Elder Thomas
Elder Conway

Afterward, I convinced President Franco to let us go to the only McDonald's in the misión -- in Corrientes, which is along the way to Goya. I was shocked he let us go, but it was super fun, and the zona loved me for hooking us up.

Sadly, I worked in my area only 2 days this week because I was always on exchanges with other elders in our zone. I worked with Elder Carrasco in his area of LaValle (un pueblito above Goya), and with Elder Parsons (my old zone leader and example) in my area. And I learned so much from both of them!

Regarding our area, we have a teenage girl, Telma, who's chosen to get baptized the 13th of Dec. She is 13 years old and is the cousin of David (who recently got baptised). She's already come to church and loved it.

Transfers are this week. But I'm pretty sure I stay.

Love you all!

Elder Clemons