Monday, November 24, 2014

Oreo smoothies :D

This week was really crazy busy.

First off, we had transfers.  Nothing happened to Elder León and me, but every other companionship in our zone had changes.  So now I have a lot of new faces to get to know.  And I feel like our zone has tons of potential!

Enjoying some smoothies at our district meeting.
I still don't know why our apartment has a blender!
But our week was also super fun and successful.  Remember when I told you our apartment has a
brand new blender, well I decided to bring it to our last district meeting in Goya.  A bit of ice cream, some oreos, and some bananas, and we had super delicious smoothies. Everyone loved it and had a good time ...except Elder León 'cause he was in Bella Vista attending their district meeting.  Bummer.

Got a chance to see Elder Thomas at our last Zone Conf
We've also had some success with our investigatores Mirta y Joana. We've been teaching them for about 3 months now, and they've each gone to church 9 times which is really quite good.  But they also each have obstaculos of sorts that prevent them from getting baptized, at least for now.  Mirta and her almost husband have been chatting about getting married.  We had a chance to talk to him this week, and it looks like they've finally decided to do it!! :D   So we're helping them make plans and everything, but it's going to take some time wouldn't believe how hard it is to get married here in Argentina.

And Joana really wants to talk to her boyfriend about her getting baptized, but he lives in Corrientes, about 3 hours away.  She finally took some time this week to visit him and talk about things.  Haha.  It sounds funny that she wanted his opinion, but anyways she got it and will get baptized this Saturday!  So really the Lord blessed us quite a bit this week.

Yikes, we got locked out!!
Yesterday we had a massive, terrible storm. We finished a lesson, went outside and looked up to the sky, and saw five giant mean storm clouds directly in front of us. We booked it to the nearest member's house, but still got seriously soaked. It was fierce! We stayed and talked with the family for a while.  They made us some churros and torta frita ...yummy. But igual, the storm didn't let up and we still had to walk home; so we headed out in the storm, and walked through rivers up to our knees, but eventually made it.  Cold, wet, and dirty, but it was super fun.

Putting in a little bit of service, cutting branches and fixing a roof.

Tomorrow, I am taking a trip to Bella Vista to visit the other half of the zone up there, so I'm quite excited for that!

We had a really good P-day today.  All the missionaries went to the church to play ping pong. It was nice to have some form of sport here.  And we had a good time.

Love you all super much.

Elder Clemóns

Bautismo of Andres Micheli in Reconquista!
(I'm sad I wasn't there for his baptism, but I had lots of great opportunities to teach Andres while I was there.)