Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Miracles happen at the end of the day ...in the rain ;-)

My new companion, Elder Sufia, is a Samoan living in New Zealand!!
The coolest companion EVER !!

So transfers happened ...and yup, I'm still in Fontana ...buuuut I've got this awesome new companion ....Elder Sufia!! He's from New Zealand, but is of Samoan descent. :D How cool is that?!! ...and how lucky am I! I am companions with the only Polynesian  in the mission! He has been in the mission for a little over a year. He was trained by one of the current Assistants to the President, and has been both a District and a Zone Leader, so he is super experienced and an excellent teacher. I know I am going to learn a TON from him!

And he is so fun too.  It's only been a few days, but I love it! We are always laughing and really enjoying life. And he eats a lot ...oh yeah, this is going to be such a fun companionship, I can't wait to learn!

So nothing super exciting this week. We had an interesting chat with Vilma's son about the Law of Chastity. Um ...let's just say that he is no longing taking the lessons. Ohp!

But we did have success in church attendance this week, 7! I believe that's the most we've ever had! :D And Vilma's brother came with his whole family. :D  I hope the liked it.

Unfortunately, I'm actually a bit scared to bring people to church here in Fontana; it's just not super uplifting.  But nonetheless, we work through it. We set fechas with the whole family so we will see where that goes.

Well I don't know what to write.....soooooo, oh wait, thanks so much for the package! I finally got it! Love the gel insoles! Thanks!

Oh, I do have one more story...

So it's standard practice here for the missionaries to immediately go to a member's house or back to the apartment when the power goes out (which happens often).  Turns out the likelihood of being robbed goes way up when the power's off. So the power went off last Friday, and we started home to our apartment like we're supposed to.  Almost immediately as we got home, a HUGE storm erupted. So we changed our clothes for the night and settled in with no power or light. But the outage lasted only 30 minutes, and by 9:00 the power had come back on ...which meant we could go back out and work for 30 minutes because we're supposed to work until 9:30.

But the storm was still ragging. And in all fairness, we didn't really have the strongest desire to go out and work since there was only 30 minutes left. So we kinda' debated what we should do. But in the end, decided to go out and fulfill our duty :D  So we got our clothes and rain gear back on, and went out into the storm and started walking. We decided to knock on a house that had some lights on, but no one answered ...so we hit the house next door. And God blessed us with a tender mercy.

There we met the Araya familia who let us in :).  They probably felt some compassion for the sorriest-looking, dilapidated, soaked-to-the-bone missionaries. But hey, whatever works...  The Araya's are a young couple with 2 little daughters, one loves to sing us songs. :)  We shared with them the lesson on the restoration ...and they accepted everything, including baptism. :)  Of course, we'll have to spend a bit more time with them to see if they'll progress, but I thank God He lead us to this family, allowed us to share His message, and gave us a chance to get out of the rain and wind. :)

See ...miracles DO happen at the end of the day ...and in the rain. :)

Always look up.  That's all I've got.

Elder Clemons