Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sometimes, life's a little crazy down here...


First off.....VILMA VA A SER BAUTIZADA!!!!! She told us last friday that she wants to. :) We don't know what changed her mind, but her baptismal date is Saturday, the 8th, in just one week. I believe it was because of 2 things: Rocio's baptism and the positive influence that has on everyone, and continually having to defend the church. Turns out many of Vilma's friends and family have been telling her lie after lie after lie about the church, but she simply defends it each time. I suspect after time she began to strengthen her own testimony. So ...looks like she's ready. :)

I am buff!   (Editor's note:  really?!!?)
Here are a few one-liners I thought were really funny:

By Silvia:
- Elder Clemons, why do you like Selena Gomez?
- Elder Pickle, are you a dad? I saw your daughter in the States.

By Rocio y Vilma:
- Amando is just so nice. He gets a little drugged up sometimes, but he always remembers who I am. Such a nice boy.
Note: we met Amando a few days ago ...Vilma and Rocio told us about him. He apparently has something called a "Carta Blanca" which means the police just leave him alone. He just roams around and does what he wants and the police just let him do it. Sounds like a pretty scary guy.

By Vilma's family:
- It doesn't say the name of Joseph Smith in the Bible.
- All Mormons are rich.

Short, sweet, and funny...

Love Elder Clemons