Thursday, March 27, 2014

Doin' "the Haka" in Argentina...

Wow, there are a lot of dogs around here !!
The locals are grumpy when they can't play soccer :(

Primero, sorry for not writing yesterday. Argentina has these random lazy holidays where no one works and everything shuts down. I don't think they're celebrating anything in particular's just another day to not work.  This one's called "feriado."

It has been super rainy here lately.  And it's always a sad day when the neighborhood soccer field floods. The locals just get kinda' grumpy.

And there are a TON of dogs here, like ...super tons. It's crazy. But the puppies are sure cute.

So a lot has happened recently.

A few weeks back, I created a list of "Keys to receiving guidance from the Holy Ghost" for my personal studies. Each "key" had a ton of scriptural references as well as references out of Preach my Gospel. President Heyman is always encouraging us to receive inspiration in our callings as missionaries, so I thought I'd really study the topic.  I sent it to him to look over and give me some advice. He ended up loving it so much that he sent it out to the entire mission. :)

Also, wow, the assistants called me and Elder Sufia this last week to personally congratulate us on our numbers ...seems like we had a pretty good week. :)

And my comp knows how to do the Haka!!  ...I'm trying to get Elder Sufia to show me so I can film it and learn, but he is stubborn.  I'm sure with time, I'll wear him down ;-)

Making "temples" with toothpicks and puff balls ...we had a blast!
We had a super awesome Noche de Hogar con la familia Junco. We talked about temples, how they are sacred to us, the ordinances we perform in them, and the impact they have on our lives. We then each made our own temples out of toothpicks and these "chip puff" things ('cause marshmallows don´t exist here :p) It was super successful! Everyone loved it :)

So looks like we might have a few baptisms coming up. We are currently teaching V's brother's family. They still need to get married, but I suspect we'll baptize the kids not too long from now, and the parents in a couple weeks let's hope and pray. :)

So, I'm sure it will come as no surprise when I tell you that we walk a lot here in Argentina ...I mean, a lot a lot. Turns out about a month ago I developed an ingrown toenail. Ouch! Long story short, it never got better, and finally yesterday I got it taken care of ...Argentine style. That was such a delightful experience. ;)

But all is better now.

Elder Travis Clemons

I'm always amazed to see these tiny homes ...with a sweet dish!! :D