Monday, February 17, 2014

Confession, I have been robbed a few times...

Confession, I have been robbed a few times during my mission.
(Nothing bad happened, so don´t worry).
Elder Pickle and I received this little award for being robbed the most. ;) hahaha


So once again this has been a super hard week. The people just aren't accepting us right now; we  found only 6 new investigators this week. But that doesn't really matter, we'll just need to work harder.  Oh, and we are going to have a baptism this week!! :D We will be baptizing Rocio and hopefully her mom as well.

I really don't have all that much to tell you, so I will just give you a rundown of my typical day:
My daily shower ;)
7:00We get up, do exercises, and eat breakfast.
8:30We start personal study.
9:30We go out and start proselyting.
12:00We break for lunch for 1 hour, and have 30 minutes for travel time.
1:30We start companionship study. During this time, we also make plans for the tarde, and learn more about and practice our lessons.
3:00We start language study. Here's what I like to do: I have the BoM in Spanish on DVD. So while listening to the DVD, I repeat it back talking with a pencil in my mouth. Obviously very annoying, but it really helps me keep my mouth open. So my accent is slowing coming along.
4:00Everyone's siesta is now probably over, so we go back to work.
9:30We return to our home and plan for the next day.
10:30We get ready for bed.

So that's my normal day basically. It's really weird to have companion study in the middle of the day, but absolutely no one is outside (they're all having their siesta) and it is blistering hot. So at least we get to go inside and sit and sweat instead of walk and sweat outside. ;)

Everyone here drives moto's ...basically, little motorcycles, como vespas. They are so annoying and super loud (and obviously not very environmentally friendly). And the people always like to drive as close as they possibly can to you. And yes, sometimes they like to hit you as they drive by. :p That always hurts I don't like moto's very much.

Pistol Whipped
Pistol Whipped  

I finally got a hold of this little Evangelica biblia.
And look, as of today I have accepted my savior
and I am now saved. :)
Oh, we are teaching Pero, a Jehovah's Witness. Very interesting doctrine. And like most Jehovah's Witnesses, he knows his version of the Bible very well. He gave us a book entitled "What does the Bible really teach." Very interesting. It's rather fun teaching him. But it's also very hard to teach someone who has to have every point proved to them using the Bible. Of course, besides the instruction, we try testifying of the truth, and I do think with time, it'll work. But we might have to use some force. :p

Well, as I may have said a time or two in the past, I do love it out here. I just love my mission! :D And living and serving in Resistencia is incredible! I love the people and the culture.

...but I do want a Café Rio burrito. I miss that. Oh well.

Love Elder Clemons