Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hello Everyone!
So with transfers last week, I was pretty sure either Elder Pickle or I would be shipped out.  Nope, nothing changed, I am still here in Fontana with Elder Pickle. (Which is super strange because usually the trainer and the greenie always separate.) I believe it is because we were having a lot of success for Chaco. ;)  We did get rejected a ton though. NO ONE wanted to talk with us this week. But I did probably walk about 15 miles each day. So I'm dead tired ...I'll probably take a siesta after this email. :D
So there is this program for new missionaries called "12 Semanas" ("12 Weeks") -- pretty self-explanatory -- and I don't like it at all. And I've done it twice now because I've been in 2 missions. But I'm proud to say that after 7 months, ...I've finally finished the 12 weeks. ;)
I know I've said this before, but Resistencia is really hot. Really, really, really hot.  So of all the Lord's tender mercies, wouldn't you know it, but while randomly contacting ...we found a pool! Like a really big pool! Oh boy was that tempting. Since we were already soaked head to toe in sweat, really what difference would it make? But alas, we walked on. :(
As nothing really happened this week, I guess I will tell you about a family we are teaching. Although the family is huge, we are really only teaching 2 of them: the mom (Vilma) and the daughter (Rocio). Vilma tiene 45 años y Rocio 17 (editor's note: give it a try, I'm sure you can figure it out). They are Evangelica, and Vilma knows quite a lot about the doctrines of the gospel. They are awesome and come to church every week on their own and love the classes ...and they love their two gringo missionaries :-) They were both super happy that we stayed and weren't transferred.
Their baptisms are scheduled for this week, but we'll see if that goes through. Although there's a chance, we do have a little bit of doubt for Vilma since she's a bit scared to get "rebaptized." Also, she feels like she hasn't received a strong answer yet about Joseph Smith or the LDM (BoM). So the last time we visited them, we had an awesome charla (lesson) about the Holy Ghost and how it will feel to receive an answer. I've been studying that topic for like a month now, so I was able to use a ton of scriptures to help her. I think it helped them realize what the Holy Ghost's whispering might feel like.
I realize my next letter won't be for a week (so I won't be able to give you any progress 'till then), but we have a make-it-or-break-it lesson scheduled with them tomorrow, and we want them to get baptized this Saturday. So by next week's letter, they will hopefully already be baptized :D
Our plan is to watch the Restoration movie with them. We hope this will help identify her "true" doubts about the church (if she has any).  We're going to ask her to go into the movie with a specific question, and then look for her answer during the movie.  Of course, we'll bear strong testimonies, and invite her to be ready for baptism this Saturday. :) Wish us luck! :D
I am super excited to testify my soul out! :D
I love it here and I am super happy.  Love you all!
Elder Clemons