Monday, March 16, 2015

We kinda' "dropped cane"...

This week was super busy!  (my first day of actual work wasn't until Thursday.)

Just some friends messing around...
On Monday we did mini exchanges with the Elderes in Belgrano because one of them had a toe operation and couldn't walk, so we went with them so they could have some time in their area. 

Leaders' Meeting
On Tuesday we went up to the leader's meeting which was pretty interesting this time. We talked about the new inciativia de la Iglesia "He Lives" That got me pretty excited. Unfortunately, we can't really participate in much of it because we don't have the technology to do it.  So our part is just going to be handing out these little cards. But I hope to eventually do what we did in the plaza with the "He is the Gift" stands and such; that was super fun!

After that we talked exclusively about the Book of Mormon and why it is so important to the missionary work in touching the hearts of our investigators. One of the activities we did was to receive 10 random questions that people commonly ask us, and we had 10 minutes to find Book of Mormon scriptures to address those concerns. It was pretty fun (and I think I surprised myself with how comfortably I was able to come up with decent answers), but others had waaay better scriptures I just copied theirs hahaha. 

Zone Meeting
On Wednesday we had our Zone meeting where we again talked about everything we had discussed at the leaders' meeting on Tuesday with President Franco.  We also talked about our "Zone Specifics" ...the zone has dropped in essentially every statistic. :P I don't really understand what happened, but all of our numbers dropped, so we kinda' "dropped cane" (which is an Argentine saying that means "we threw down.") We then taught about all the keys of success: working with members, contacting, using the Book of Mormon, diligence in general, etc. It was actually a very productive meeting.  I think we all learned a lot from the meeting, and I hope our numbers will improve. :) 

Then after we got back to Goya from Wednesday through Saturday, we did divisiones with the Elders from Goya 3, Elder Calderón y Elder Diaz. I always enjoy these times getting to know other elders, and I had a super fun time and learned a lot from Elder Diaz. It was good to be with a friend from the mission. You'll recall Elder Diaz and I were together for over 4 months in Reconquista.  We lived in the same apartment there; so this was a good opportunity to catch up while doing some good work. 

So even though we had very little time this week to work in our area, we still found some great people! We found this one girl named Margarita who 8 years earlier had investigated the church and nearly got baptized.  But then she moved to this other city called Esquina and kinda' lost touch with the church since we don't have a ward or branch there. About 2 years ago she moved back to Goya where just last week we found her again ...and she was suuuuper happy we did! We've really enjoyed teaching her; she's super nice and faithful, and she already understands the importance of keeping commitments (which is verrrrrry rare here). I am confident she'll get baptized. :)

Also we found a FAMILY!! ...and with an adult male!!! What!?! Like that never happens here!!! And he is nice and wants to learn and wants to go to church! I gotta' tell you, my mind was blown when he said he wanted to go to church. We have already taught the family 3 times, and the even better news is they already have a member as a close friend. They have already accepted a date to be baptized (which ya, is awesome!), but we still have plenty to teach them before they'll be ready. 

So the next letter you'll get from me will probably be from my next area. Yup, transfers are next Monday (May 23), and I'm certain I'm going. I want to train in Formosa, so keep your fingers crossed! 

Hermana Scadlock
So I'm sure you know what happened to Hermana Scadlock; it really is a tragedy. Needless to say, the mission took it rather hard. We are all kinda' deflated down here. I personally didn't know her all that well; just met her a couple of times at zone meetings and such. It is really sad to know that she passed away while serving our Lord ...but the Lord's thoughts are not our thoughts, so I trust she is in His comfort and care.

I know that families are eternal and that we can be sealed to one another in the temple. God's purpose is to give us joy and eternal life. And for that reason we have the Church. If one is faithful, they will live forever with their families in eternal happiness. I know it is true.

Please pray for the family of Hermana Scadlock.

Know that I love you and pray daily for you guys. And know that I am working hard out here. :)

Love you!!

Elder Clemóns