Monday, February 2, 2015

Billions of missionaries...

Ya sorry, but there isn't very much time this week to write home. :p But, this week was pretty good.

In recent days we have been finding some new, solid people to teach.  We now have 5 solid people. 2 of them are the twins Valentina y Lucas; they have baptisms scheduled for the 14th of this month, and everything is going well with them.

We are also teaching an old investigator named Marta.  Missionaries had passed by her home and taught her some of the lessons about 3 years ago, but she wasn't able to get baptized at that time because of a smoking problem. When we met her again about 3 weeks ago, she was still smoking about 10-15 a day.  But she wanted to commit to quitting.  I know it's hard, but she's already down to 2-3 a day, so that's huge progress!

We are also teaching the sister of the branch secretary, Teresa. She's had billions of missionaries pass by her house, but we are the first ones that have been able to make the right connection with her.  For some reason, she's able and willing to understand the message of the restoration from us.  Don't know what we're doing different, but whatever it is, it seems to work! :D  She recently came to church for the first time ever! :D

And we've started working again with Mirta, who I've written before about in past weeks.  Her lawyer finally got back from vacationes, and we can begin to work on the marriage paper process.

So random news
I got sick this last week ...and I'm still at this moment :P  Ummm, I think it's because of my sun-burn from last week.  My whole neck peeled off and also the back of my legs.  I don't quite know how that happened.  And now I'm even more white than I was :p

Tomorrow we have our big leadership meeting in Resistencia.  So, yup, I gotta get up early again tomorrow :p!  Woot!!!  You never stop as a missionary!

Love the mission! sooo much! :D

Elder Clemons