Monday, December 22, 2014

500 people contacted!

Hola Familia!

Elder Idrogo finished his mission this week
So this week was super crazy and busy.

Plaza Event
So I am assuming that you want to know how the activity in the plaza went ...well it was great!! The funny this is, I forgot to take pictures!!  But we've only done it twice so far, and our 3rd time will be tonight, so I'll be sure to take pictures then!

What an absolutely funny guy!!
It was a huge success. I don't know exactly how many people came up to the stand or we contacted, but I'd say it was around 500 people.

We had 3 huge tables with red, white, and green table sheet things (I forgot how to say it in English -- editors note: tablecloths). We also had some Christmas trees, lights, and other decorations. We also had 4 giant photos/posters we had made for the event. We also had Christmas and Tabernacle Choir music blasting throughout the plaza. It was successful, and I have to admit, a good bit of fun.

The way we ran the event is 2 missionaries would stay near the tables, speakers, and stuff, while the rest of us would walk throughout the plaza and talk with people about our message and invite them to come and see the stand.  We would then lead them to the stand and let the other missionaries teach them and explain the posters to them. We would generally start with our first poster, "He is the Gift," then move on to discuss temple work with the photo of the temple in Buenos Aires, then to a discussion of our belief in Christ with the "Cristus" poster, and end near a huge wooden Book of Mormon next to a "Christ in the Americas" poster. I think all the missionaries felt it worked out pretty well :)

Zone Christmas Party
I've gotten pretty good at making omelettes!  Yum
Tomorrow is our Christmas activity as a zone. We're heading to BellaVista for the day and ending with a dinner buffet. It's going to be at a nice place, so we all have to wear our suits.  I'll be sure to take pictures of this as well. :) 

Elder Seamons
We have done a lot of divisions this week with Elder Morrin and Elder Seamons. If you remember Elder Morrin and I were in the same class at the MTC, and Elder Seamons is a new missionary of  about 4 months. Something is super sore on Elder Seamons' knee the point where he can't walk. And he can't leave the apartment because of doctor's orders. I'm really scared for him that he'll have to go home for it. :( But we have been doing splits with them to allow them to work in their area. One of us goes with Elder Morrin to work with their investigators, while the other stays in the apartment with Elder Seamons. Elder Seamons is super down because of it, so we have been trying to motivate him and help him look up. So I ask that you please pray for him.

Missionary Work in our Area
The Lord really has blessed us this week. I have never had such little time to work in my area before, with the activity in the plaza, planning for the Christmas activity, and working with the other missionaries. But this has also probably been the most successful week I have ever had. Everything just worked out for us. With the little time we had, everything good that possible could have happened, happened. Needless to say, it was a huge blessing of the Lord.

So about the work, Gabriel is progressing and will get baptized this Saturday!!! :D And the following week we have Viviana and Antonio!! We've been meeting with them every day to make sure that everything is fine, and they continue to progress in the Gospel. They all seem super prepared and are eager to join the Lord's kingdom.

So I am super excited to Skype you this week!!! But we'll only have 45 minutes ...the rule changed again because some missionaries had abused the privilege. :P But igual, I'm super excited to see you guys and talk with you. Make sure you have some legit questions for me so we can chat. I would love to see all of you, the dogs, and my room. And don't allow Brent to show off some food, because I miss good food so bad. 

Hahah, "Gangnam Style" is playing right now in the Cyber (place where we write). Oh the songs of the world. hahaha

I love you all sssuuuuperrrr much!