Monday, August 11, 2014

Service turns to opportunity :D

The zone hit all the goals we set, so pres bought us ice cream
This week was full of miracles!

First off, the familia M______ is progressing really well! We went over there on Monday to give M_____ a blessing because of her appendicitis, and it was such a powerful experience. The member (Hno A_____) couldn't make it, so I was privileged to give the blessing. It was one of the most powerful experience I have felt on my mission. You could literally feel the power of the priesthood flowing in our hands, as well as the Spirit filling the room. Everyone was silent after the blessing. Everyone knew that the power of the priesthood was real, and that we held it. After the blessing, we bore testimony of the restoration and that God has restored His Priesthood authority to the earth. It was super powerful.

Also, last Saturday, we had a family night with them where we talked about temples and eternal families. They loved it! Then after, we all built temples with tooth pics and those little puff ball things. But the best part was ...after we left, the M______ family stayed to hang out with the A______s!!! :D L___ went off to play with some of the other boys, and M______ and M______ stayed to chat with the girls!! Woot!!! And they all came to church!! Keep praying for their baptisms for the 23rd!!

We also had a random service activity! We walked by right when these people needed help moving. It was perfect! We helped move everything: beds, fridge, couches, all! We ended up moving a giant and super heavy armario from outside up to the second level. That was scary! Elder Conway nearly died. It was super fun though ...and now we're teaching them! Woot!!

Whoops, gotta go! Love my mission!

Me, Elder Conway, and Elder Ware (an Elder we live with) all buzzed our heads because it's hot now! Super hilarious!