Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Group selfie :-)
We had a good week!!

After months of hard work, we have finally been able to make some solid success. It's been tough!

For some odd reason, the parents of Jonny really didn't want to continue talking with us ...and didn't want Jonny to get baptized. So we sought help from his sister Vanina, who will soon be leaving on a mission. We got her to practice a bit with us, then sent her off to convince her parents to give Jonny permission. We don't know what happened, but with prayers and a bit of faith in the Lord (for a good cause), she was able to convince the parents and got their signature giving Jonny permission to be baptized!!! :D So as of now, we are planning a baptism for June 6th :)

Another miracle
On Friday, as we were endlessly contacting everyone we could find, we found this 18 year-old girl named Julieta. She was baptized Catholic, but has never attended church, nor comunión. She is super interested and super prepared. We taught her the "Restoration" discussion on Friday, the "Sabbath Day" on Saturday, and then SHE CAME TO CHURCH ALL 3 HOURS on Sunday.  On Monday, we taught her the "Plan of Salvation" and she accepted a date to be baptized the 13th of June!!! How miraculous is that!??!

I don't believe that has happened to me on my entire mission. She is just so prepared!! And in a very real sense, I suspect the Lord sent us on missions to find those who were already receptive to His voice.  Our next appointment with her is Thursday ...but we can't be there because we have to go up to Resistencia for a Zone meeting.  But we've luckily been able to arrange with the Familia Micheli to visit her and teach her the lesson!!!   #evermemberamissionary !!!!!!!!!!!


Holy cats!!  Nicest bus EVER !!!
An eventful week
Besides the missionary work, our week was also super full of other stuff. Yesterday, Elder Caceres had to go up to Corrientes to do some visa work, and I went up with him. (This is why I couldn't write to you guys on Monday or Tuesday. Don't worry mom, I am not dead ...but you should have seen what Elder Caceres' mom did hahaha).  We got up at 2:00 am and went to Corrientes. While waiting in the immigrations office, we met a gringa!  Her name is Allison.  She is from Georgia and came down here to "teach English and be a missionary" ...but they both fell through.  And now she's just chillin' out for a while, haha. She's a Baptist.  We had plenty of opportunity to teach her the Restoration discussion ...and a bunch of other things. We literally had like 5 hours to talk, so we talked about everything from school to life to churches. She was super open, and intelligent, and really funny. I ended up giving her a Book of Mormon in Spanish ('cause that's all I had).

Wow, they even fed us breakfast.  Check out this awesome meal!!
We finished visa stuff and went back to Resistencia around 4:00p to eat lunch. We ate some pizzas that the office bought. Everyone was given 4 slices, but very few finished them all. I ate 3 ...and my companion ate 7 hahaha. But somehow he stays skinny. :p We then left Resistencia around 6:30 on the nicest bus I have ever been on. I was literally in shock, soooo nice!!! We couldn't really sleep because they were blasting a movie called "Olypus has Fallen." Hey, since you can't really avoid it, just make the best of your opportunities and watch. SOOOO COOL!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It is super weird that my mission is coming to a close :-( :-(

...but I am convinced that there is still work to do and people waiting to hear the gospel! I promise I'll work to the last minute! :D

Love you all!!

Elder Clemons